Handwriting curriculum questions

I’m brand new to homeschooling. We are starting in the fall for my 1st and 2nd grader but we are doing BJU press handwriting this summer. It teaches a curved print that transitions well into a traditional looking cursive.

We just moved to Colorado and are doing the “Options” program so I purchased some curriculum from them that included Handwriting without Tear and Spelling U See. Looking at them now they both appear to use a very ‘blocky’ type print that is different from what my girls have learned with the BJU press Handwriting. My questions are these:

1 - For those of you with experience, is it a bad idea to use curriculum with varying styles of print when your kids are this young and still learning how to write and do cursive?

2 - I know Erika has used both BJU press and Spelling U See…if you used both types do you just tell your kids to write the way you prefer them to? Or do you make them do their copywork as it’s shown in the books (even though it’s inconsistent when you use the different curriculum together)?

3 - I’m definitely NOT going to use the Handwriting without Tears curriculum (I’m not a fan of the ‘blocky’ cursive) but I don’t think I can return anything at the Options office–even if it’s still brand new! So what should I do with it? Best places to resell unused curriculum?

Thanks for helping out a new homeschool mom with TONS of questions!

I can’t speak for everyone but my son had problems switching from one font to another, though some transitions are easier than others.