GUM Drops Grammar

Who has used GUM Drops grammar? Right now we are using First Language Lessons and it works, but kiddo has asked for something that she can do more herself and that’s more colorful (eye appealing). I have narrowed it down to Voyages (separate thread for a question on that) and GUM drops. With GUM Drops, could you also get away without the Teacher’s Book? We will be 2nd grade. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I have used G.U.M. Drops for two years now. I don’t know of a teacher guide for this series. There is not one I could locate on Rainbow Resource or on the curriculum Web site. I do not use one with my daughter. We have used it in combination with First Language Lessons. Let me know if I can answer specific questions for you and I’d be happy to! :slight_smile:

I was looking on Christian book distributor website and there is a packet you can buy that comes with a teachers guide. But since you havent used one that shows its not necessarily needed haha!

This is what i was looking at. It says its new, so maybe its a newer version that now has a teachers guide???

This is not the same curriculum I used. I used the one from this Web site:
It is also here on Rainbow Resource:

Ahhh, okay. I had seen someone refer to it as GUM drops…well i will look into the real one. Do you guys like it?

@momlivininfaith Yes, we have really enjoyed it! My daughter begs to do it actually! :smile: we have done the Grades 1-2 book last year when she was in 2nd and the Grade 3 book this year in 3rd grade. She will be going to Fix It Grammar by IEW next year (The Nose Tree) but not because we don’t like G.U.M. Drops by any means, really just for the change to working on one continuous story all year and for a bit more of a challenge in 4th grade, but I am not ruling out maybe coming back to G.U.M. Drops at some point just because she loves it so much. And it looks like G.U.M. Drops also works on one continuous story in the upper grades as well if you watch their product video.

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