Grandparents Day

Help! My in-laws recently asked my husband if we could have a grandparents day. My niece and nephews have a day where grandparents can come see them sing, show some things they’re been doing in class and then the grandparents can take them out for lunch and bring them back to school. My in-laws feel like our kids are missing out on some of these things.

I’m definitely ok with having a day for them to come over and I know my kids will really like that. For some reason though, I am so nervous to show them what we’ve been doing. Actually, I’m not sure WHAT to show them. We’ve been leaning and having fun together, but we haven’t really done any projects yet. They go to art class once a week right now and are working on one big project, so I haven’t done any art at home. We sent our history curriculum back after the first week and just got our new one.

Anyway, I guess I’m just wondering if any of you do this type of day for the grandparents and what do you show them. Do you have any ideas?

Pinterest has many cute ideas!
Some things I have thought about doing:
-Having a grandparents over for tea or lunch (children help prepare)
-Have kids sing a song or memorize a poem for their grandparents
-Questionnaire -kids answering questions about grandparents/Interview grandparents
-Poem with child’s handprint "A Grandchild’s hand- that grandparents can have as a keepsake
-Iv’e seen creative survival kits for Grandmothers that your kids can put together
-Have your children read to their grandparents or have the grandparent share or read a favorite story to them.


Thank you :slight_smile: I have a few ideas of what we are going to do. I guess my in-laws basically want to do a craft with the kids and then take them out for lunch. So it shouldn’t be too bad. Plus, we are using HOD for history and already have a few projects done that we can show them.