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Grammar supplement to EiW

Hi! I am doing Essentials in Writing with my 3rd and 5th graders and would like to add an additional daily grammar lesson. I’m looking at Fix It Grammar and Easy Grammar. I would appreciate any thoughts or feedback if you’ve used either of these (or another Grammar curriculum). Thanks!

We aren’t quite to that point with IEW, so I haven’t actually used either, but I’ve heard great things about Fix It Grammar. I actually thought it was intended to go along with IEW. Best of luck!!

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Hi! I have a friend who used Easy Grammar and loved it! I think it’s fairly similar to Fix It! in the sense that they just correct sentences each day and it’s pretty quick and straight forward. We use Fix It! as you probably know and really like it as well. I like that they’re editing an ongoing story. I think that makes it a bit more fun than random sentences, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile: It takes us about 15 min or less per day and they edit one sentence, re-write the corrected version and then write their vocab word/definition each day. It’s pretty quick and easy and the repetition seems to be working for my kids as far as remember all of the grammar rules :slight_smile:

Hope that helps some, of course I have a video review of it on my blog if you want more detailed info:

That is so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile: