Grammar Progam - HELP

We are really having issues finding a grammar program that works for our kiddo. She’s at a 1st grade level in work. We are currently using Horizons (grade 1) and even though she IS learning, she HATES the lessons (even with doing it 3x a week). It’s the only subject we hit bumps. We had success with All About Reading (and Spelling) so we will be going back to that for the phonics/reading portion, but I am having issues with where to turn for grammar, such as writing and composition. I’ve looked at everything from IEW, Growing with Grammar, etc. but just don’t know which to go with. She picks up on ideas and material easily. She already knows nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, verbs and other various forms of parts of speech, but could always use more practice. We are a family on a very very TIGHT budget, so anything that’s easy on the wallet is nice. I looked at BJU (which many love), but it’s too pricey. What do you all like?

I would definitely look at Climbing to Good English. You can find it at . You can see the sample lessons if you’re on their Full view site, not mobile view. Scroll all the way down for the option.
We have been using these and I love everything about it. The price makes it just right too.


My son is in first grade and we are using Voyages in English. He really likes it, the program includes grammar and writing. It was recommended by another person within the COACH community and I am glad we gave it a try!


I just looked at Voyages in English. OH MY!! I love it! Had our daughter look at it and she got excited too!!! THANK YOU! It’s not too expensive either!

We have tried 3 different programs - First Language Lessons (Peace Hill Press) in 1st, Language of God (CHC) in 2nd, and now we’ve switched to Fix It Grammar by IEW for 3rd. I believe it’s inexpensive (about $20 for printed teachers manual, and downloadable student manual). Because the student manual is downloadable you can use one for multiple students. The program basically has the student rewrite a story from beginning to end throughout the course of the year. It incorporates vocabulary as well. The first book is the story “The Nose Tree” and goes very gradually through the different concepts. I believe IEW has a webinar you can watch on how it works. I have two boys doing it right now and they like it because it’s the same amount of work every day (4 days a week). I love it because other than printing the student pages, there’s no prep work.

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I am so glad I could help you out!
Sometimes you can find it on ebay-but be careful sometimes the list price is higher than the Loyola Press price.
Good luck to you in finding the right fit for your daughter.


Growing with Grammar is great and to the point and around $30 new for everything. No writing instruction in it just Grammar. They do have winning with writing part if you want to work on writing. I LOVE shurley english grammar and writing once a week on Fridays wonderful jingles to concrete parts of speech and prepositions etc. Essential in Writing (EIW) not IEW, is complete grammar and writing on DVD. It is around $50 new. Might find on ebay cheaper. Good luck!

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Yeah, we will just buy straight from Loyola, the price is awesome!

I HIGHLY recommend Voyages in English - it’s by far my FAVORITE! Inexpensive, comprehensive, etc. I do recommend the Teacher Manual (lots of extras that the student book doesn’t have), but it’s absolutely not necessary. Good luck :slight_smile:

We are using LLATL and my daughter (4th grade) really enjoys the books and they lessons. We just check the books out from the library or purchase the books used from amazon to keep the cost down. Good luck!

What is the difference between the student edition and practice book in Voyages in English?

From their website it looks as if the practice book is a review/supplement or remedial practice used to reinforce previously taught skills- A reteach if you will.

I believe the practice book is a supplement and the student edition is the main vehicle in which the curriculum is taught.

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Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Thought you might be interested…I’m selling Voyages in English Grammar and Writing Curriculum 3rd grade (Loyola Press) - includes student textbook, teacher edition, practice book, assessment book, and answer key. Student text and teacher book are in EXCELLENT condition! Practice book is only missing chapter 1 worksheets, but there are plenty of practice exercises in the textbook. The assessment book has never been used and has all chapter tests. I actually have 2 student sets (text, practice book and assessment book) if you should need both. You can email me at if interested.

@triton17 - I’ve been looking into Voyages in English and had a quick question for you! Do students write in the Student Edition? Does it need to be new? Is it a consumable, or can I buy a used copy? Thanks for your help in advance!

@sgrrrbear - what grade are you looking into? Grades 1-2 are definitely consumable, but we’ve never written in ours - we just use a page protector and dry erase marker - this way I can pass the book onto my younger child when the time comes. I’ve had luck 2 years in a row buying “used” from people who have used the book the same way I have - used, but not written in. We are going to be starting grade 3 this coming year - kids could absolutely write in the books, but I’m going to have my kids do the work with a dry erase marker/page protector and/or in a notebook so we can resell the books when we are done. I’d absolutely try to buy used to save $$, but be sure to ask people/sellers ahead to find out if it is written in. The student books are fairly affordable on Loyola Press ($18 new… sometimes you can find them cheaper “used”, but be sure to check Loyola Press first to be sure you’re actually getting a good deal.) I hope this helps :slight_smile:
BTW - not sure if you have asked or looked (sorry if this is redundant) - the teach manual is a great addition to the program, but by no means a must - you can download a number of teach manual components off of the website for free.

Thank you @triton17 for your fast reply! I am looking into grades 6, 4, and 2. Phew! I think you answered all my questions that I had, I appreciate it!

I have tried other programs - and we just don’t like them very much! :confused:

@sgrrrbear I LOVE grade 1 and 2. This will be my first time using the older grades (although I have a few friends who truly love the older grades). I have ALL of the 3rd grade components: teacher manual, student book, student practice book and assessments… I’m not yet sure if all of this is necessary, but it was sold to me as a set. The program in the older grades looks just as good as the younger grades. You can download the lesson plan “schedule”, rubrics and daily edits online. Therefor, I don’t truly believe the teacher guide is a must - I think there is so much information packed in with the student books and student practice and free online downloads that the teacher book is just a helpful, yet not necessary extra. Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Oh thank you so much! @triton17! Thank you for all your help! I tend to be the kind of person who says: You can never have too many books!! So, I tend to overthink things and get too much sometimes… OK, most of the time! :slight_smile: You have been very helpful and given me lots to think about. If I have any other questions, I will be sure to ask :slight_smile: Thank you!!

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