Grading Scale and Grading Periods

Just wondering how do you decide what grading scale to use? I see some that are a 10 point scale (90-100 A, etc), others a 5 point scale (95-100 A, etc). Also on grading periods, which do you use, a (4) 9 week or (6) 6 week period?

It is totally personal preference. I prefer to use the grading scale where 70 is passing rather than 60 to keep the standard high. I want my daughter to work a little harder to attain the higher grade. She already does not like it when I mark something wrong on her paper, so I think it’ll work well for us.

My umbrella/cover school only requires grades two times a year (basically semester grades). This will be my first year to homeschool with them, so I’m having to play it by ear. I plan on starting July 6th (or so) and we will probably cover more than a semester’s worth of material before grades are due for the fall semester (due to starting early, and I want to double up on the lessons that cover material my daughter has already learned from last year). Right now, my plan is to keep up with all grades for that first semester and average them for the semester grade. Same for the second semester.

I grew up using the 9-week grading periods (except for one year of 6-week grading periods at another school), and that’s what I prefer. However, Abeka uses 6-week progress reports which I’ll issue as we finish those lessons. For the semester grades, I’ll average all of the grades for that semester. I think that will be the simplest way to handle it.

Thanks for the imput! We are doing Abeka also and that was why I was wondering about the grading periods. I would prefer to use their progress reports, but I know most of the schools around here use the 9 week period, so I was just unsure which way to go!

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I prefer the 90-80-70-60 scale, but my kids always have to correct all mistakes regardless of grade, and if they get lower than an 80, they have to re-do it.

Do you need to turn in grades? I really didn’t grade anything besides tests before high school, so I didn’t compose quarterly grades. But if you do have to, I’d probably go with a quarter system. If you have a homeschool overseer of some kind, find out if it matters, or what’s traditional in your area.

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