Grading IEW Writing

I have just purchased the Student Writing Intensive A from IEW for my 4th grader. I had seen a review for IEW which showed a grading rubric for each writing assignment, including the points to be assigned for each category. The materials in my packet include a Composition Checklist for each assignment, but nothing as detailed as the rubric I had seen in the review. I am wondering if the rubric erroneously got left out of my packet, or is there a place where I can print out the rubrics? Any advice on grading the IEW writing assignments would be appreciated. Thanks.

I didn’t have a rubric in my sets. I would guess it doesn’t come with it, but not sure where to find any rubrics online.

Level A has a checklist for “grading”. Basically, you are making sure the student is including all the required “dress-ups”. There is no points system. In the continuation course, there is of a “points system”. Each requirement has a point awarded and then a grade can be given. Maybe that’s what you are referring to. If you have any questions, IEW’s customer service is excellent.
Hope that helps.