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Going to Church/Finding a Church


My family and I have not gone to church in many years. I have a long list of excuses :frowning: But, my husband started a new job (new 8 months ago…) and will no longer be working on Sundays so I will have a vehicle available to attend church! I really want to find a good church and be involved. My husband was all for it and now that the weekend is approaching he has changed his mind about going. However, I have not changed my mind and I am still going on Sunday. Honestly, I’m nervous to go to church. I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know where Sunday school is, or where the nursery is, and I’m hoping my kids will behave well :grimacing: So, if anyone has some time could you please pray for me, that I’ll find the right church for my family, that I can have some confidence for the “big day”, and that my husband will come around and want to come too? I would be grateful for the prayers. I feel like God has been wanting me back in church for awhile now and I’ve told myself that watching TV programs and reading my Bible was enough. God has changed my life so much over the years and I really feel like he wants me in church. I’m just so nervous about it! (I don’t get out much!) Thank you for your time. Sorry for rambling!


I’ll be praying for you! How brave of you for wanting to return to church after not being there for a while! I’m sure you’ll be blessed!! Just look for a smiling face at the door or a “welcome center” type desk when you walk in. I’m sure someone will be happy to show you the nursery/kid’s classes, etc! Let us all know how it goes. And if this week’s church isn’t quite the right fit for your family, try try again! Praying you find a solid, Bible-believing church where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus!!


I totally agree with @alimaree! I am so happy you’re making this decision. We have just found our church home after many years of looking and not going. When my husband was in the Army, we had an amazing church family that was like our second home. After his army time was over, we made a decision to move back to our home town and leave our church family behind. Long story short, it took us 7 years (most of that time was not in a church at all) but we finally found our new family and it is a great feeling. Its like coming home! So, I will definitely pray for you and your family. Please keep us posted! :wink:


Will absolutely be praying for you and your family! Community with others is so important. And I believe God honor you stepping out in faith. You can do this momof3!!!


We’ll also be praying for you! God bless your family


I’ll absolutely be praying for you!! :wink:


Thank you everyone! I really sincerely appreciate it.


I pray you are greeted by warm smiles and that friendly people are at the church to help you figure it out. I pray they welcome you and your kids without judgement. God, help this mom. Give her perseverance, strength, patience, an open heart. I pray you will also give her a friend at church to sit with.


Hi girls! I thought I would let you all know how church went today. First, on Saturday I pulled out a nice shirt of my husbands to iron for him. He reminded me that he was NOT going to go to church and I just said, “Well I’d hate for you to change your mind and not have an ironed shirt ready, so it’s there just in case.” Well, I got ready and me and the kids were ready to go and to my great surprise, my husband came downstairs before we left with an unpleasant look but wearing his ironed shirt! Haha! So we all went to church as a family! We were greeted by a friendly woman who showed us where to bring the kids.

Ladies, it really felt good to be back in church. I was saved when I was 12 years old but as a young adult I’ll say that I left my faith, but my faith never left me. I’ve been in a really good place with God for many years now but I just never took that step to attend church. Right in the beginning they sang How Great thou Art and I was surprised to feel my eyes fill with tears! I truly had to bite my lip to keep from crying and looking like a werido! I just really felt like in that moment I was where God wanted me to be and I just felt happy enough to get a little watery eyed.

A nice woman invited us to stay for Sunday School (which was after church, I’m used to it being before church!) My husband said okay and it was just a really nice day. On the way home my husband said, “I’m not going to Sunday school next week just church.” So hey, he said he was going back!

Thank you so much for your prayers and your encouragement. I really needed it and I felt stronger just knowing that somewhere out there some kind women were praying for me and my family today! Thank you, thank you.


So glad to hear about your day and your husband surprising you by going and saying he’d return next week! I checked in here just hoping you’d comment about how things went for you!! God bless!!


So glad you had a lovely day at church–it’s so encouraging how God touched your heart with the music. I pray that you can continue to go as a family.


LOOOVE the shirt thing :slight_smile: And praise God he went!! At our church we find ourselves CRYING a river sometimes when worship gets so good & holy spirit fills up that place :slight_smile:


I will pray for you as well! I highly recommend the book “Muscle and a Shovel” by Michel Shank. It can be ordered on amazon or found in book stores. It REALLY helped me, and I believe it would point you in the right direction:)


I wanted to share a new “update” with you ladies! The senior pastor of the church called this week and left a message. (Surprisingly) My husband grabbed the phone and called him right back. THEY ENDED UP TALKING FOR A LOOONG TIME! It turns out that they are both from the same area in the mountains that is quite far from here. Anyhow, I think the senior pastor typically goes to the second service (he is not the lead pastor), but he told my husband that he would attend the early service next week like we did so he can attend Sunday School with my husband. So my husband (who said he wasn’t going to go to Sunday School again) told me that we will be going to both church and Sunday school after all. I was glad that it was this particular pastor that called because he is an older gentleman and my husband doesn’t have any friends his age, he just gravitates to a more mature crowd and he seemed to ‘click’ nicely with this pastor. It has been an amusing week, and I’m intrigued to see where this journey will take my husband. Oh, and he also owns his own Bible now, “so he’s prepared for Sunday School.”


Wow! Exciting news!! So glad the pastor reached out and that your husband took the risk to call back!!


You know, none of this is by accident. Our God is sovereign. He never ceases to work wonderful things in and through our lives! What a caring and powerful God He is!
I’m so happy for your family :smiley:


How are things going for you, momof3?


Good Afternoon Merry!
I’m doing okay this week. Thank you very much for asking! Church has been good. We’ve been going to Sunday school, church, and the kids are going to AWANAs and they really like it. I’m glad the kids have made some friends. I even when to the movies 3ish weeks ago with some women from church to go see The War Room. Its been such a good change for me because I usually stay pretty much too myself and I don’t really have friends so its been good to have some chances to hang out with some solid Christian ladies. My husband is not saved, but surprisingly he has gone to church with me every week since we started going. Its been so good to see him growing because for years I’ve felt like I was just nagging him to read or watch religious things. At the same time I had adopted this attitude that attending church wasn’t necessary, but I see now how nice and important it is to have that community/church family. I feel like I had stalled out when it came to making progress with my husband, but I think the ball is rolling again in the right direction. Its been a good thing for my family.

Otherwise, its been a bit of a stressful week at home! I started going to college online this fall and I think it may just be too much for me to do with schooling the kids, but I’m hanging in there. Furnace broke and our roof is leaking and my daughter and I are sick this week! Hoping next week will be better!


That’s great, I’m glad your husband is going and having some interest now! Praying the Lord works in his heart and continues to draw him closer to God. Sorry you had such a rough week–that’s a lot at once!


Thank you very much Merry for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer!