Geography for grade 2

Can anyone recommend a geography book for grade 2? I looking something basic. Our state requires it, but I only want to do it 1 day a week. Just something basic learn to how to read a map, learn N S E W, etc…
We will most likely use SOTW or MOH for history. Both have map work, so that will count towards geography. Thanks!

@Luvmyboys We love Evan Moor Daily Geography–it is set up for M-F but it just includes one or two questions per day for each day, so we do the entire week in one day and it is easy to do that within about a 15 minute lesson in just one day and you’re done for the week. It teaches map skills, land forms and bodies of water, etc. All of the basic geography skills you’d need and is very comprehensive. We started with the K-2 book with mine in Kindergarten and moved into the Grade 2 book with my 2nd grader, but the Grade 2 book is a lot of review of what was in the K-2 book so you wouldn’t be missing anything by jumping right into the Grade 2 book. They are affordable, and very user friendly! I think they offer great coverage of what is needed for Geography skills! I highly recommend! :slight_smile: Here is a link to what we bought. Rainbow Resource appears to have it for $10 less than this link though!

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@Forchristandkids That’s exactly what I’m looking for!! It’s on my list to order😋 if you have a second grader, and don’t mind, PM me what curriculum you’re using or post it here:) I’m curious what others use for 2nd grade. I think I may start a new thread on that;)

@Luvmyboys I don’t mind at all! I will post it here in case anyone else is interested but if you have any other questions feel free to PM me and we can discuss further :slight_smile:

We use the following:
Bible: Bible Road Trip
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting (Level B this year)
Math: Horizons
Reading: All About Reading
Spelling: All About Spelling
Grammar: G.U.M. Drops (Grammar Usage and Mechanics) and First Language Lessons (Well Trained Mind)
History: TruthQuest
Science: Elemental Science (finishing up Biology for the Grammar Stage)
Geography: Evan Moor Daily Geography
(We also use some of Highlights’ Which Way USA and Top Secret Adventures but we’re hit and miss on that so far–we may embark on Erica’s Road Trip USA and EE or Guest Hollow’s free curriculum in the near future)
Foreign Language: Chinese (We use Better Chinese: My First Chinese Words and love it!)
Social Studies: My World Social Studies by Pearson Homeschool
(We are switching to Core Skills Social Studies by Steck Vaughn combined with Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies next year though.)
Art: Artistic Pursuits

I hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:

We had a lot of fun with Erica’s Expedition Earth and the children know the continents and oceans and various countries because of it. And did I say that it was fun?!
I only did one country one day per week. It’s super eady to adapt!
Also, I recemtly discovered > Elementary Geography and Cultures curriculum by Answers in Genesis. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to.


Legends and Leagues? I’ve never used it but I’ve read about it.

We’ll be doing my Expedition Earth again this year since the Teeny Tot is finally old enough and everyone has been begging to do it again! It has a lot of really fun activities, crafts, and recipes which would be easy to pick and choose if you wanted to pair it down a bit. It’s really scheduled for a daily all year long curriculum. But you could just pull out specific countries to learn about and just do a few activities for those instead of doing it all.

And thanks @GC123 we think it’s super fun too! :smile:

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I like Understanding Geography books - they are only about 72 pages long - with only about 12 activities to do. They are pretty neat - you get to read a short lesson and then answer some questions about maps, globes, directions, what continents and oceans are etc etc. It is simple and you could totally do it 1 lesson a week. It doesn’t go into all the different countries - so it is simple and easy. They have levels 3-5. But I am sure the level 3 would work well for a second grader as well:

Hope you can find something you like :slight_smile: Best wishes to you!

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We tried the Evan Moor Daily Geography this year for first grade. We cringe at it because of the absurdity and ease of the questions. (For example, the “map” of the week will be of a zoo. The question will be something like "This is a map of a ______. Zoo or Grocery Store) I love the idea of the Daily Geography. My daughter does not want to continue with it next year as she says it’s too easy. The first grade book did touch upon some directions (which path goes north, which building is west), but not much. Mostly we just laughed at the questions and started doing all 5 days of questions Monday morning so we wouldn’t have to take the time the rest of the week. If we do attempt to do it for second grade, we’re hoping it’s a bit “harder” - I almost think my daughter was “insulted” by the ease of the first grade questions. As to what we could use in its place… not sure… have to do some research :slight_smile: