From a child perspective, pros and cons of homeschooling!

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what would be the pros and cons of the idea of homeschooling from a child point of view!! what do they like? what they don’t?

So looking forward to read your responses :smile:

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

I wrote about this in another post briefly, but, one thing that my son missed was having yearbooks. After he mentioned that I started taking a lot of pictures of our projects and field trips, and extracurricular activities. At the end of the year we create our own year books. They are certainly not as official as a professional one but they’re still fun!

My older kids did spend some time in public school before we home schooled. They originally complained about missing friends from school. To help, I follow the public school schedule and we have lots of friends over to play and have a sleepover at least every other weekend. We also do more extracurricular activities and my kids have made new friends through those activities.

My daughter says that we do “wayyyyy more” field trips than they did at public school and “wayyyy more” experiments and projects. (This is a good thing!)

My oldest son says that he understands math much better when I teach it. My son complains often that the little kids can be too noisy when he’s trying to think and complete work. If he’s really bothered by everyone’s racket he uses his father’s gun range ear muffs to block everyone out. He does have a desk in his room but he prefers to be downstairs.

My younger son misses having a locker because, “they have lockers at school and lockers are cool to put your stuff in.”

My daughter doesn’t like making corrections on her work because at school she didn’t have to make corrections. (HA!)

All of my kids want me to add that they miss snow days! :slight_smile:

Everyone would rather be home schooled versus attending public school again. I think this is because my husband and I have really worked hard to create a fun, loving, and Godly learning environment. It really works and flows pretty well for all of us.

(It made me feel warm to have the kids all say with such conviction that they love being home schooled!) :heart_eyes:


WOW @Jenny , it feels that you guys are doing lots of hard work to make it happen. It feels amazing that kids don’t miss the school sitting or way of teaching, and only miss small things that can be done :smile:

I really love the fact that you guys tried to replace everything they miss, this is awesome :smile:

My son is still in school but I am trying to start from now getting on top of things, know what he likes and what not, what other kids likes as well to be able to decide if I can start this fall or not :slight_smile: