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I know there are a lot of wonderful Bible curriculum out there, but I am searching for a FREE curriculum/plan. I know there is Calvert - which we may use, but what others do you know of? Something that adds to just the reading. We read everyday and talk about what we read but we are looking for something a little more structured and planned out with activities and such to make it more practical learning. Our daughter is 1st grade level. THANKS! :blush:

Bible Road Trip by Danika Cooley can be downloaded week by week for free. She also offers free Notebooking pages to go with it. There are activities for each week that you can choose to do, as well as getting the recommended books from the library or maybe some other source to complete all of the suggestions offered, but those are not necessary either, although i would suggest doing some of them as possible.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see these pdf downloads available to subscribers, they are free. Or you can also purchase them to get one download of it all of each of the 3 years of the curriculum.


Awesome thank you I will check that out…I don’t mind buying books, if we have to invest a little money on stuff like that, it’s no big deal…

I made a free printable Bible Timeline with cover that I take to Office Depot for binding. :blush: Here is the link if your interested. Don’t know if it helps. I made it for my Son and decided just to make one to share. We are reading chronologically the bible and as we go he draws in the timeline himself using color pencils. We use the NIRV Early Readers Bible. He LOVES it since we started using it. For Memory were using Erica’s free printable Bible Verses I printed them all and had it bound at office depot them also and just made a cover as well.

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Not sure if link is working so here is the site below.

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That looks so fun! Thank you!