Foriegn Language

I’m pretty sure we will homeschool our girls, for many of the same reasons as most of you. I moved around a lot as a child and went to multiple different public and private In A few different English speaking countries. I have taken multiple years of different languages- but I’m not fluent in any. In college I had many friends that were fluent in multiple languages. I was always jealous, because it just seems like such a gift and so many opportunities can come from speaking multiple languages.

After seeing a presentation at a local international school, in addition to first hand accounts from friends I’m convinced that early immersion is key. Right now my oldest (2.5) attends a Spanish immersion playgroup.

But once I start homeschooling more formally are there language options that are effective? The local international school seems amazing, but she would have to start full time at 4! I don’t like the idea of such intense schooling at a young age. But the language seems like such a gift that I don’t want her to miss out on.

FYI- the reason I’m over analyzing this decision now is because of hot housing market in our area we are considering moving and we are between two locations- one would mean homeschool- but would be closer to family- which would be wonderful (same distance as current to husbands work) and the other would be closer to the international school/ my husband’s work. So we are making a school decision if we move.