Fix it Grammar question

For those of you are using or have used Book 1 ‘The Nose Tree’, is the teacher’s manual necessary?

We are using Book 1, The Nose Tree, this year. We are in Week 3. So far I have found the teacher’s manual to be necessary. The “teaching” for each week is included in the student book, but the corrected text and in-depth explanations for the corrections for each “day” of the week are found in the teacher’s manual. I use it every day for that purpose. Maybe others have found a way to use it without, but I would not want to. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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I agree with Forchristandkids I would definitely not want to go without it. I also like the fact that when you have the teachers manual you can get a link for the student books so you can print the student pages without having to buy the student book.

Agreed. We are using Nose Tree and I just bought the teachers manual ($20 I think?) and then it comes with a link to print the student books. So $20 for a teachers manual and the the student material for 2 kids which includes grammar and vocabulary… AWESOME!


Yes, it is definitely worth having!!

Thank you. I ordered the Teacher’s Manual and I will print out the student pages.