Fix It Grammar Level Question

I’m considering trying Fix It Grammar next year. From your experience, can you use the same level with 2 different age/grade students? By the time I commit to trying this program, I will have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. Could I use the same level with them? If I can use the same level, what level would you suggest? Having the 3rd grader work a level higher, or the 5th grader work a level lower (I’m not even sure that entirely makes sense, as I don’t know how the levels for this program work.) Anyway - any input is welcome. Thank you!!

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The 2017-2018 will be our third year using Fix It. We will be using Book 3 and my kids will be 4th/6th graders. We started with Book One when I had a 2nd/ 4th graders. Then continued to Book 2 with 3rd/ 5th graders. Sometimes, my youngest would need a little extra help but it wasn’t too advanced for her. Book 2 was a good fit for the age/grade. Hope that helps.
I do believe they have a placement test if you are unsure. They also have awesome customer service (very friendly and informative).

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Thank you - very helpful to know we could work through it together!! I kind of want to start it NOW, but (begrudgingly) we already purchased our writing/grammar curriculum for this year. While I no longer love it, it won’t hurt to use it, so we’ll push through this year and look into changing for next year. THANKS!!

If you haven’t done it at all or any IEW you might actually want to start with Book 1 The Nose Tree. It introduces kids to the IEW format of labeling things. We did that last year with my 5th, 7th, and 8th graders and I just had them do more than one sentence per day since they were older. Once they have the basics down you can move on to other levels of books. Just my opinion!

They also have placement tests on their website and you can contact them as well to see what they recommend :slight_smile: