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Fix It Grammar... is it enough?

I’m getting mixed reviews. I am hearing that it’s not complete and best used as a supplement and then I’m hearing the opposite. Thoughts?

I am really looking for a grammar program that does not teach in isolation but rather teaches within a paragraph writing process. Is fix it a good match? Thank you!

Hi, I use Fix It! Grammar along with the IEW Writing units and we have found that together the two make a great English curriculum. I don’t feel the need to supplement anything else in with them.

The Fix It! focuses on sentence diagramming, vocab, etc. Students are editing a story that is already written, and so they do learn proper paragraph format and also good writing habits through that process.

Like I mentioned we also use their IEW Writing program in conjunction with it. That’s just my opinion of course! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t used IEW writing products yet, I suggest starting with their student writing intensive unit for whatever grades your kids are at now. You can choose the appropriate Fix It! Grammar book as well depending on their age. There is a pathway on the IEW website that shows a sample of what to use and when.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Erica!

Thank you so much! This does help - gives me direction and peace in my decision.

I did decide to move forward with Fix it! and SWI-A. :slightly_smiling_face: It will be here tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing - I needed to hear/read that :two_hearts: