Finished K4/K5 curriculum now what?

Just finished the K4/K5 curriculum with my now 5 year old (he turned 5 yesterday), not sure where to go from here. Should I do another Kindergarten curriculum (since he just turned 5) or should I move on to first grade. He is reading Bob books he is just finishing the third book set. He has done Explode the Code book 1 and 2. He has finished Math U See Primer and is moving on to Alpha. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

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This happened with My first child - she whizzed through kinder so I went ahead and started into first grade at age 5- but i went a little slower than the kinder stuff and towards the end of first grade like fractions and time, writing and spelling were a bit troublesome for her at age 5 so I ended up having to repeat first at age 6 which worked out fine BC she flew through the first part of the year and then was mentally ready for the second part. If I had to do it over I would have focused on reading and some of the other fun stuff like science, art etc at the beginning and then started actual first curriculum closer to age 6.

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That’s what I was afraid of. He truly hates seat work. He’s not good at sitting down yet. So I was thinking about doing AAR and AAS, along with Expedition Earth and the Worlds greatest artist unit since those all seem to be very teacher lead hands on things. He does need to work on his seat work though so I was thinking spelling you see B just to work on handwriting and practicing sitting. Maybe later on in the year as he matures I’ll add in Abeka’s curriculum for first grade. What do you think?

Yeah I wouldn’t push seat work too much for now - when they are young it gets boring and they would rather play learn. One thing that helped me was Pinterest and teachers pay teachers - both sites have TONs of FREE things - I encorporated a lot of “learning centers” where they actually play games while learning - this is what they do best at this age and you will definitely see him excel by doing this. They do have interactive seat work pages too like worksheets where you have to cut parts out and paste them in the answer box. I did print out a lot of these learning centers and bought a laminator and has worked out great BC then I can reuse the centers for different activities and also pull them out every once in awhile for review. I have younger kids too so I can keep and use them as they start schooling.
We do abeka arithmetic student books too as review books - I usually teach them the concept and use the workbook as “homework” or practice and I’ve found this to be the best matchbook out there. It’s very colorful and a lot of variety. Some of the other student books are dull and a bit boring in my opinion.
If you need any ideas on some “learning centers” that worked great let me know!

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I also think by 1/3 or halfway through the year you’d be great to start first grade stuff. Take this first part for fun games and review of kindergarten - think of it as truly mastering and understanding he basic concepts and then move onto first. Most of the harder stuff in first comes towards then end but in second grade the first part of that is review of first, it’s like a rolling cycle I’ve learned, haha.

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I loved AAS - we use this and on teachers pay teachers I found some spelling list activities (free) that I have her complete through the week - she seemed to memorize the concept and spelling really well this way, at the end of the week we play spelling battleship or she’ll get a treat if she completes so many activities - a real motivator!
Also you should see him excel at reading too since he’s advancing so quickly - look into the Pizza Hut book it program - it’s free for homeschoolers and if he meets his reading goals he gets a free pizza for that month - just go to
They will and out the packet and coupons early September.
Another fun thing for homeschoolers is you can sign up for scholastic book club program - you will receive the flyers like the public schools and get to use the discounted books prices too! There are a lot of $1-2 books in there and my kids LOvE looking through them. I have to admit I do too, brings me back to my childhood days!

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Thanks so much for all the information will definitely look into the learning centers and the other things to make homeschooling fun. He’s not enjoying it as much as I would like. I want him to keep learning and thriving but I also want him to look forward to it. I want him to enjoy learning and I think to much seat work has taken the joy out of it for him. So thank you for all those things to make it fun!

Hi J_momof 3~
We are also using AAS. Would you mind sharing what spelling activities on TPT that you have your daughter complete throughout the week. Sound like a fantastic option!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Depending on their level - I have them pick a few cards for the week on this one -

This I may chose a few things for the week and write on the board for them to complete-

This is my daughters favorite!! It has become a reward at the end of the week - sometimes for completing spelling activities through the week or if she’s having trouble focusing in another subject I’ll reward her for staying focused.

This one is similar to the task cards but each day they have to pick one activity on the card from a letter category and they have to make a bingo - sometimes I’ll use candy as a reward or some other fun thing. I like the blank sheet too for any activities that aren’t on there she likes to do or if j find a new activity. Very customizable for any learning level

Hope these help! And remember TpT is free for sign-up and there’s so many free things!!!

Wow J_momof3 thanks for your quick response! I will definitely have to take a look at these resources. I agree TPT is GREAT- have used many of their things as well- always glad to see what others found useful. As the school year approaches many sellers have discounted items as well:wink: