Finding the World's Greatest Artists Lessons and others in the K4 Kindergarten Curriculum

I have purchased the K4 Kindergarten curriculum and I am on week 3. But I am unable to find the World’s Greatest Artist Lessons, the Kumon Money/Time lessons or the Movement: Kids in Motion. I did the digital download to get the curriculum if that makes a difference. Am I just missing them? Could they be under another name? Do I need to purchase them separately? They look like lots of fun and I would love to be able to include them into our lessons!

Hi! If you take a look at the front page of your K4 teacher’s manual it will tell you where to get those products. They are additional purchases, and totally optional. Meaning you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, we just added them in as extra. We loved all of them, so I added them into our daily lesson plans, but again you don’t have to do them! But yes, there are links to all of them in the front of your K4 Teacher’s Manual so you know where to get them. Of course the World’s greatest artists can be found here:

The others are linked to on Amazon :smile:
Hope that helps!

So I think I have answered my own question! I wanted to leave this up though in case others had the same ones. The Worlds Greatest Artist are sold separately, go to the store page and then the art tab. As for the Kumon Money and Time they are sold on Amazon. They are just workbooks you can buy for $7.95 each and there are lots of different Kumon books if you want to get easier or harder. And the Movement : kids in motion is on Amazon as well (or we even found it on youtube). Thanks!