Favorite Websites

What’s your favorite website to use for school work?
What’s been the most helpful to have your kids go to and do work on?

I personally use Starfall with the Letter of the Week for my preschoolers. It’s got a great introduction with music and animation to each of the letters and some beginning reading materials for Kindergarten and older grades.

I also use Spelling City for my Kindergartener to work on his sight words. It’s also great for vocab and spelling. Some of the games are over his head still, but he’s done so much better with sight words since he started playing.

Finally, my favorite and most recent acquisition is Go Noodle for brain breaks. It’s set up for a traditional classroom, but I use it for my kids. They all have a character of their own that they can level up by watching fun videos that get them up and moving. It’s been a lifesaver this year since we’ve had snow and sub 0 temperatures pretty much all winter long here in the Midwest.

All are free, though Starfall and Spelling City have membership options.


These are all websites that I have used quite often:
$$These are the ones you have to pay for:
These are free:


And of course one of my favorites…Confessions!
I also find things on Pinterest and I follow A Farmhouse Full on Youtube.
Hope that gives you some ideas!!


We LOVE Reading Eggs. My son was a very reluctant reader. When he started this “game” like program his reading really took off. We have recently started using IXL for extra math practice and like it too.


Thanks! I just registered for the free trial.

I’m in my first year of homeschooling preschool and these are my go-to websites http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/, http://thisreadingmama.com/, http://www.themeasuredmom.com/, http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/. They aren’t websites for doing work on, but they do have lots of free printables and make me feel a little less overwhelmed and have tons of information.

I’m a fan of Starfall as you mentioned, but we only use the free parts of it. A friend introduced me to KhanAcedemy.org and I greatly like that one. You should check it out. It has a variety of subjects, but we’ve really only checked out the math for now. My son loves having his avatar grow as he continues and progresses. I also use an account on there to practice my own math and to do it along with my son.


I have to say that Erica’s literature lapbooks have been the best thing for my daughter, Brooke. She can read the story in short chunks and then, as we work on the lapbooks, she gets a better understanding of what she has, is and will read. We did the Charlotte’s Web one with GREAT success.

I tend to try to make learning a hands-on experience for my daughter, since that is how she learns best. Pinterest has tons of great ideas in ALL subjects (I think my Pinterest name is kljohnson7868 so you can see some of my homeschool pinned ideas).


I guess we really are twins! We also do Erica’s literature lapbooks. We’ve done Charlotte’s Web, Tom Sawyer and are currently working on Heidi. They are super cute when they are finished and we watch the movie after completing the lapbook. How old is your daughter? Mine is 9.

We watch the movies too!! :smiley:. My daughter just turned 12, but she has learning challenges and is working closer to a third/fourth grade level.

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Starfall.com (I finally bought the paid version bc dd needed the math)
dltk and kidzone
Worksheet Works
pbskids and pbskidsgo
Salsa Spanish (Georgia Public Television)

I wanted the dc to get interested in this one, but they haven’t:
Reading Bear

Besides this site I regularly use freehomeschooldeals.com and I use pinterest a great deal.

I just signed my kids up for this. It looks awesome!! And its free!! Thanx for passing it along :kissing_smiling_eyes: