Favorite Videos on Ancient History?

What are some of your favorite youtube or netflix videos or video series for younger kids (6 - 8) on ancient history (ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, America…yes, I’m doing Story of the World…grin).

Hi there! We are also studying ancient history this year, but are using Easy Peasy this year for this subject only since we are in between programs waiting to start a new one next year when my kiddos reach the age level for the one we will begin (we will be starting Trail Guide to Learning next year but needed a filler this year and this provided a simple and free unit study type way to go). This link has several resources that may be great supplements for you :slight_smile: http://allinonehomeschool.com/history-year-1/ There are online videos for touring inside the pyramids, some online games for being a pyramid builder, etc. I hope it helps! It goes through Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, Mayas, India, Greece, Rome, Vikings, Middle Ages, Japan, Mongolians, Ottoman and Persian Empires, and Explorers (discovery of America), etc. I was skeptical (never used Easy Peasy before) but am pleasantly surprised that when supplemented with great library resources, so far it is working out!


When I was a teacher, we ordered a lot of videos from Schlessinger Media - http://www.libraryvideo.com/browse/default.asp?mscssid=U05L76V0SUMK8NN7E3UDTFE7TFD5D2MD - that’s the link - it should bring you to a huge page of small buttons to click on. Look in the 3rd column from right, and you’ll see a button marked Ancient Civilizations for Children. Click on that - and EEKS - it says it costs like $300! That’s for the entire series… if you look on the far, top right, it lists the individual videos. These videos (in my, my co-teachers’ and my students’ opinions) are great videos. I hope that helps.

I also recently found a set called Kid’s Animated History -16 Ancient Cultures. I got it from a book sale for mega cheap. We haven’t watched any videos yet, so I can’t give my opinion.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I havent watched this but it looks really good:
Navigating History: Egypt DVD set.
Click the link to watch a preview and read a description.

We have used the Schlessinger Media American History for Children series (our library has them available) in our Early American History studies, and they are great! My kids really enjoyed the Early Settlers video in that series. I am surprised to see the retail price on these on this site at almost $30 for a 25 minute video, but Amazon often has them for much less (if you are able to find the one you are looking for). Maybe even homeschoolclassifieds.com might be a resource for these too? I agree that they are top quality videos for kids and worth the purchase! Especially if they will be used again with younger children in the future! Hopefully local libraries will be a good resource for most people, but I know that can vary greatly from place to place.

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On YOUTUBE I just search: Ancient Egypt for kids (or the Renaissance for kids, whatever subject you are learning… etc etc.) - then preview them to see if it is appropriate - then have them watch it. I just started doing this for history and the kids love it!!

I really shows them a new angle on what they are learning - keeps them occupied for a little bit - and what kid doesn’t like learning by watching something?

(For example last week my daughter was continuing her study of the Renaissance. Everyday I had a new video for her to watch: She watched a video on Florence, one on Venice. She watched a video on Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Isabella da Este, and Florence’s Dome. She loved it! Again… I just searched my topic “for kids.” So many things pop up!) Have fun, and best wishes!

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