Favorite Free Cirriculum

What is your favorite free (or nearly!) curriculum? This year my homeschool budget (for young elementary aged kids) is nearly $0 and I’m looking for some freebie recommendations.

That"s my budget every year. So here’s what I found:

Easy Peasy Homeschool (allinonehomeschool.com) It’s a full curriculum but I only use it for Bible, History, Science and electives

For reading I use the Ambleside Book list. For Phonics, I would suggest Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Explode the Code. Spelling Zaner Bloser Spelling Connections has word list and worksheets.

Math - I got my math nearly free Math Mammoth grades 1-6 for $75. You just have to see when they have a sale.

I’m also looking into Expedition Earth, Road Trip USA, and Confessions of a Homeschoolers art and musuc (can’t remember the names).


I also like Ambleside Online for book lists. That has been very useful with my second grader.
I am not a fan of Easy Peasy but that is because I don’t want online based curriculums for my kids to use at this point in time.

I use Pinterest and my state’s curriculum frameworks to put together my own science and social studies curriculums for a first and second grader.

The library is a great resource for me. Whenever there is a book I am thinking about investing in I take it out of the library first. Then I can use it for a few weeks and see whether it is worth the money or not. My library also has themed kits that I can take out for three weeks and I use those on occasion. A lot of the work is done for me in those, which I really like.

Teachers pay teachers has some great freebies as well. I use those worksheets to supplement what I have on hand.

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Thank you for your information and resources. I feel as though I’m having a difficult time choosing what to use to teach my children when it comes to certain subjects.

Some free pages I look at:

https://practicalpages.wordpress.com/free-pages/ Free Practical Pages - some great lapbooks here.
http://percipiopercepiperceptum.webs.com/ Some great links in all subject areas.
http://www.kidsknowit.com/ Free website with a lot of worksheets, movies, games, etc
http://allinonehomeschool.com/ Mentioned in a different post.
https://school.fueluptoplay60.com/tools/nutrition-education/lessons.php Free nutrition lessons (elementary)

American History

http://autismfrog.com/2014/05/27/american-history-menus/ American History (elementary)
http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/curriculum.html Several categories (science, history, etc)

https://homeschoolfreestuff.wordpress.com/about/ Which links to ALL subjects. Pretty comprehensive


This is an amazing list! Thank you so much!

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Science, history, health, literature all come from the library. I browse sonlight book lists, ambleside online book lists, and any other lists I can get my hands on and get whatever I can through the library. Handwriting, grammar, and spelling are taught through copywork and dictation. My favorite low cost math book is Strayer - Upton Practical Arithmetics which is available through Rainbow resource online. It starts at 3rd grade and quickly moves through addition and subtraction so inexpensive workbooks would be a good starting point in first and second. All told school costs about $50 a year when I follow this plan.


I’m Pinterest crazy and find resources and ideas to copy for manipulatives to make myself.

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We use www.homespellingwords.com for free weekly spelling words sorted by grade levels (K-9). You could also register with www.spellingcity.com online to upload your weekly spelling lists to their site if your kids enjoy games. I’m thinking Spelling City is free, but there may be a small yearly fee.


I agree with using Pinterest. I have been amazed about the amount of free resources available on Pinterest. I often search by grade and theme or subject and am always able to find what I need.

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Don’t forget teacherspayteachers.com
Great resources already made by teachers for any age/grade. Price range starts at free with many things under a dollar. I’ve found tons of stuff there!


I agree! TPT is a great resource and it helps other teachers!

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My son is almost 6 years old and LOVES comics (which is difficult to find age-appropriate ones for him to read sometimes), so I found these free pdf templates for writing his own comics here. There are different styles varying from 3 to 6 boxes with and without text bubbles. I think he’ll love them and they might spark some writing interest! I thought others might like them too :slight_smile: And I also just found out that Veggie Tales has created comics of their videos and Big Ideas (creator of Veggie Tales) also has Comics out that are non-Veggie related. These aren’t free (sorry) but I thought they were worth mentioning since it can be hard to find comics for little boys to read that aren’t too graphic/gruesome/violent.

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