Favorite educational computer games?

I have a kid that LOVES computer games. I am wondering if anyone has some favorites they can recommend? She will be in 3rd next year but I will also have a Ker and 5th grader. Thanks!

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For the kindergartener, Starfall.com. (free version has basic phonics; pay version for $35 has more phonics as well as math). Both dc loved the free version; I finally broke down and got the pay version when dd came along. It’s her favorite site.
For all ages:
Sheppard Software
Arcademic Skillbuilders
Always Ice Cream (for girls) and Clever Dragons (for boys). Haven’t tried these two, but they look good.
pbskids and pbskidsgo also have some games based on their series, if that’s something you’re interested in.


Thanks! @nerakr! Do you think the paid version of Starfall was worth TV money?

All those are great! We love starfall too!! Also Education.Com is great. It’s kind of like starfall in you have to pay for a full version but it allows you to track up to 3 kids progress from Pk-1st grade. It’s worth the money and it’s very reasonable for a 1 year membership. My kids LOVE it!!! Funbrain is good too. BrainPop and BrainPopJr are awesome for science stuff. They have great videos, games, and pop quizzes. I think you also have to pay for it. I don’t know a lot of free ones…but I hope this helps!

Absolutely. I’ve renewed it several times.

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Totally agree! My kiddos love it. It has an app too so you can use in on phone/ipad!

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My 1st grader loves reading eggpress (the older kids version of reading eggs) as well as we’re starting times attack and that seems fun.