Facebook page "Summer Reading Challenge"

There is a Facebook page that is being shared called “The Summer Reading Challenge” which offers 3rd - 12th graders a chance to earn money if they read a book and write a book report. Many parents are sharing this page, all excited about the opportunity.

DO NOT PARTICIPATE. As far as I can tell, there is a website, which offers some info, but then asks readers to go to the Facebook page. The Facebook page lists the info and has a GoFundMe site (which has only raised a few hundred dollars when I last checked). Questions are being asked, with only limited info being shared by the owner.

If you google the info, there isn’t much else to be found. This is supposedly the second year this has been done, but I cannot find info regarding that.

I’m posting this just to make all of you aware.


Thank you for letting us know!!

I have seen that and had reservations also. It sounds like a cool idea, but I have no clue why people think it can work with the people doing a fundraiser for funds - and yet the info saying anyone in the US can earn money as many times as they want by sending in multiple reports. Just doesn’t make sense…

It doesn’t make sense. I understand the excitement but it isn’t well planned and there is no explanation for the funding. Plus, the idea of giving that much info about my child(ren) to a complete stranger makes me nervous.

The summer reading program is legit. Unfortunately, even this great incentive is subject to scamming. I would advise visiting your local library. This is how I found this great program. They have all the information for setting up your families account. The children do not earn money but they do earn prizes for each level they pass.

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