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Expedition Earth Second Time Through Question

I am planning on doing Expedition Earth with my son next year. (He is 13) We are using it along side the Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere study. I think that they will fit nicely together. I already did Expedition Earth with him when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. My question is for anyone who has used it twice with the same child—did you do it differently the second time. Did you add anything else to it? I don’t know how much of it he remembers anyway.

I’d love to know how your first trip through went? I’ve been considering it for next year, but worries it’ll be too much with history and everything else.

I used it in a co op class that I taught for 2-3 graders. My son was 8 at the time. So we just did it 1 day a week for an hour. I didn’t do a lot of what was listed in the curriculum. We did the lapbooks, the passports, the flag pages and the animal study. I read to them from the Children Around the World book. I also read a library book about each country we were studying. I gave the kids homework from the Trip Around the World books each week. (They loved the fascinating facts page that is in the Trip Around the World books) I think that this is a curriculum that you can easily bend to fit your schedule. Just do as much as you want each week. We loved it!

I have not used the curriculum yet, but I have it shelved to begin next year. I have friends who used it in a co-op with older kids (5-7 grade.) if I recall, they did one country each week for 4 weeks, then the kids had to choose one of those 4 countries and put together a presentation on one of their choice (a mini paper, craft or project to show, and a food item.) Then the cycle would begin again - 4 weeks of countries, then one presentation of choice. Not sure if that’s of interest to you, but the parents and children only had good things to say about that co-op.