Expedition Earth or Road Trip USA first?

I plan on using both eventually, but just wanted to see which one should be done first. I have a 6 and 9 year old. Thanks

@dsj312 I have a 7 yr old and also plan to use them…I’m keeping my eye on this to see others responses too:)

We are doing Road Trip USA…my kids love it!

I really don’t think that it matters which one you do first. Road Trip USA says it is appropriate for K-4 and Expedition Earth says K-5.

I chose Expedition Earth first because at the time we where studying world history. Next year we are studying American History so I plan to use Road Trip USA.
I would recommend that you line it up with where you are in history.

**Keep in mind that there is a lot of US History content in Road Trip USA.


We did EE first (in 1st grade). Not sure why. We’ll be doing Road Trip next year for 3rd and 1st.

@Sheila Does Road Trip USA begin in chronological order by historical year, and if so, what year does it start with? I notice her description online says you’ll start out learning about the constitution, etc. We are using an early American History program and have not quite reached that point in our program, so it would make sense for us to start this alongside that program if it does move chronologically throughout history. I hope that question makes sense if you don’t mind me asking! :slight_smile:

Hi @Forchristandkids Sorry I took to long to respond. Hectic household right now! RTUSA starts with Maps and General Info about the USA (regions, state fun facts, time zones, 13 colonies, Presidents by states, birds and states in alphabetical order). After that the curriculum is broken down into Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West, listing the states within each region. It’s very comprehensive and Erica also has included several options for additional research or project suggestions.We use the library a lot! I hope this is what you were looking for. :smile: