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Expedition Earth Booklist

Is there a list of books/resources that we would need for Expedition Earth? I haven’t downloaded the curriculum yet as my husband is setting up a new laptop for me (mine is a little iffy right now), so I don’t want to download anything until I get my new computer. I am trying to gather everything I will need and seem to recall seeing a list of books somewhere…

I looked at the list of resources in the EE sample, and it’s different from the books mentioned in the video review. Can anyone tell me which one is correct?

@CPJess I did buy this and emailed Erica to ask the same question :slight_smile: Basically she said the only necessary books would be the ones mentioned in the Core Resources section of the teachers manual - which includes: Encyclopedia of World Geography and a World Wall Map (which of course is not a book, but needed). Everything else is listed under Optional Resources, which includes: Animal Habitats, Children Just Like Me Book, Geography Songs (music), and Me on the Map (used in week 1 only). In regards to the ones mentioned in video review: A Trip Around the World and Another Trip Around the World are not mentioned in the curriculum at all but based on the video it seems like she really enjoyed them and would be a helpful addition. And the Wee Sing Around the World CD also is not mentioned at all through the curriculum, so again, probably just a nice addition. Hope this was helpful to you. I just finished printing and laminating, etc this curriculum and getting ready to use for this upcoming year. Looks like the kids will enjoy :slight_smile: Good luck!

Sorry, forgot to mention that the optional resources are used through the curriculum but only as optional things to do.

Thank you! That is super helpful!

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