Exercise and big, little kids

I walk 4 miles a day. My kids (6,7,9 just the littles) desire to go along. I think it is a fantastic idea but, I walk quickly (naturally) and have a long stride. I dont mind cutting my walk short some days (as I can walk twice) but in the days I desire not to cut it short, what are some options to help the keep up and still desiring to go?

Stroller seems ridiculous for a 6 and 7 year old. Wagon is out of the question (as is stroller, honestly), due to lack of any sidewalks in our town.

I can utilize the schools track but 16 laps around that thing is horribly boring and tedious.

Am I being ridiculous in thinking they’ll do this 4mi with me more than a few times a week?

I didn’t think my son could handle walking with me but he really wanted to do it so we tried and he loved it! We don’t go four miles but we will be working up to that once I have this baby. My friend suggested having the kids rode a bike because they move faster but I didn’t find it necessary. I just slowed down my pace once I saw how much my son loved it and as we do it more he moves faster and usually runs ahead. Give it a try!

I am definitely going to slow down my pace for as long as I can (tend to injure my shins/ankles when I move slower).

I am thinking a 2 mi walk in the morning with the littles, then my usual walk in the evening.

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I would have them ride bikes.

+1 on the bike riding. That’s what we do with our kids too. It allows them to move faster and have more fun.