Essentials In Writing vs Bob Jones English

Has anyone used Essentials in writting or BJU English? Are they the same or do they cover different things? Do you prefer one over the other? They appear different to me, it seems essentisls in writing is all about writing? And BJU is writing and other grammar. I’m using BJU 2nd grade not sure if I should switch or add on essential in writing or if that’s not necessary… any advise? What do you use for English?
Thank you!

We used Essentials in Writing for our 3rd grader this year. He loved it and requested we use it again next year. (We used Abeka previously.) EIW is a full language arts curriculum, so there was grammar as well as writing. I’d say there was more writing than grammar, but it is my understanding that the grammar picks up as you increase levels. I haven’t used BJU, so I don’t have any input there, but we are planning on sticking with EIW.

I should also add, I’m aching to try IEW’s Fix It! Grammar, so in addition to EIW 4, we will also give The Nose Tree book a whirl. I’m not certain it is needed, but I’ll determine that as we go.

We are getting ready to use BJU 3rd grade English this year. In pouring over the teacher manual I noticed they switch every other chapter. So chapter 1 is grammar, chapter 2 is writing, chapter 3 is grammar and so on. My son hates writing so I’m hoping this will be just enough to not make him hate it more. We will see lol. The grammar chapters look wonderful though! I’ve never used EIW so I can’t compare them. Erica has a great a review of BJU English on her blog.

Not sure if you’re still on the fence about using BJU or EIW, but I know I mentioned before I was planning on trying IEW’s Fix It! Grammar along with EIW4 this coming year, and after reviewing the EIW, I won’t be doing so. EIW4 is definitely comprehensive and builds nicely upon the EIW3 we used last year. You can see how it gets more challenging as the levels increase, so there is no need for me to add any additional grammar. Just thought I’d add this in case you’re still deciding.

So, it’ll only be EIW for us.

Oh ok, I see what your saying. Fix it grammer is enough. I’ll look into that. Thank you so much for that.

No, I mean EIW is enough. I was going to add Fix It in addition to EIW, but after looking into it, it would be way too much. EIW alone is enough for both grammar and writing!

Sorry, I guess I was confusing! LoL!

Lol, ok!! I got ya!! Thank you!! Lol

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