Essentials In Writing - opinions?

I know a lot of people use IEW but I can’t seem to implement it! Not the curriculum’s fault - just mine! Anyways, I am looking at Essentials in Writing. If you’ve used this, what’s your opinion?


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I used it this year and it worked. I went from children who could not even write a good paragraph to children who wrote a descriptive paragraph. It takes a couple days to finish the writing assignments but the instructions are very short and they work on something each day which leads to a well written piece in the end. We are actually trying IEW this year, but if that doesn’t work out I know EIW will be our fall back. It was good. Just a note, the first half of the book focuses on grammar.

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Thanks for your reply! Is it easy to skip the grammar? I don’t think we’ll need that. I just ordered G.U.M. drops. Thanks!

I guess you can skip the grammar, I’m a box checker and feel like if I have to pay so much for the program we should use it lol but honestly it doesn’t make a difference to the writing section whatsoever if you skip the grammar and you already have another grammar program.

I really love Essentials in Writing. It completed my language arts. We are using AAR and AAS. And EIW is broken into small chunks like them. My son (10) is dyslexic had a had time forming a paragraph and now he’s writing stories. This curriculum has given my son so much confidence.