English Grammar and Writing

I’ve been so confused on this subject, I have not known how to ask what I want to know because I don’t know where to even start. I am doing Abeka Language 1 for first grader and Language 2 for my second or third grader not sure where she is lol. I was also looking at essentials in writing and easy grammar and I also have BJU English 2 we have been working in. Is it over kill to do Abkea, BJU and essentials in writing? I don’t know where the starting point is with grammar and writing.

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Yes! Lol! I think, for those young ages that one program is more than sufficient. Abek a is a very complete program and I think it’s even a bit advanced compared to other programs. I think using all of those could quickly burn out a child!

Abeka language 1 and 2 have both grammar and writing. I would look for a spelling program to complete your language arts program.

At this age I also did a simple handwriting worksheet a few times a week of needed.

Language arts can be one of the most confusing subjects to put together! Abeka and BJU are great choices. I also have used Essentials in Writing and enjoyed it, but I’d recommend picking one program!

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Ok thank you. Would you do essentials in writing at grade 3? When did you do yours? What else did you use? Just that? Do you still use it?
I just started homeschooling this 17-18 year. My oldest was a second grader this year, we didn’t do a whole lot of any grammar and writing. I wasn’t sure really where she was, so I stared grade 1 and level one programs. I’m feeling like I’ve hurt her, and have not done enough, she should be in 3rd grade this coming year, but I feel I should do more second grade, since I did more first this year? I don’t know what to do, I’m so lost on her for some reason. She will be 8 July 8th. She reads pretty well. I stared with foundations logic of English, then switched to AAR and added in AAS (all level one) She is starting on AAR 2 in the next week, she could probably do 3, but I want to make sure there are no gaps. My thinking was it would help me see what she knows and if it’s review that’s ok. She’s not great at spelling so I need to focus more on that. She’s doing AAS 1.

Since, I didn’t do grammar/writing this year (only 12 lessons in BJU English) should I do the 2nd grade abeka or grade 1? Does Abeka build or repeat previous lessons in other lessons. Do you know? Should I be concerned with her grade, if she’s in 2nd or 3rd. I don’t know if I’m holding her back the way I’m doing things, I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I think she needs writing and grammar for sure. Do you have any insight?

I agree that one program is usually enough! We use Abeka for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Then for 3rd, I switch to Essentials in Writing (EIW). My oldest will be in 4th grade this coming year and he enjoyed EIW so much last year that he requested to use it again, so we are. He had no problem switching from Abeka to EIW and enjoyed the change.

Abeka does a lot of review in the beginning lessons of the previous year, so if you finished all of the 1st grade language arts, you’ll see the 2nd grade Abeka program will review (or reinforce) what was learned for the first many lessons (maybe 20 lessons?).

I wouldn’t worry too much about grade level, but just that your daughter is learning and improving. If you really want to “get her back up to 3rd grade level,” you could start her on EIW3 and choose what you think she needs from Abeka language arts 2. Just don’t over do it! :o)

Thanks, what do you use for reading and spelling after using abeka for k to 2nd grade?

Or what did you use for reading and spelling?

For reading, I used the grade 3 Abeka readers. There are comprehension questions in the books, so that made it easy for me to assess his understanding. I did notice that my son did start asking to read something else about half way through the year, so then I would sometimes let him pick the book he wanted to read and sometimes I’d have him read the readers. I want him to enjoy reading, so it worked out well.

For spelling, we used IEW’s Phonetic Zoo. My son loved the program and we will do the next level next year. It can be a challenging program for some kids, and I’ve heard of people using it for more than one year if it takes their children longer to grasp the concepts and complete it. I plan on using it with my other kids and doing it that way, if needed. I should add that one of the reasons I chose this program was to start giving my son more independence and responsibility with his education. It is kind of a life lesson that I can monitor and it allows me to divert my attention to my other 4 kids all while he is getting a great spelling education.

I should add, at first I was skeptical about the Phonetic Zoo. I was even skeptical after the first few lessons, but my son ran with it and I can see a lot of improvement in his spelling. In my opinion, it isn’t the most fun or hands-on program, so it certainly isn’t for everyone, but he likes it!

Other more hands on options are All About Spelling and Spelling-You-See. I have thought about trying these, but haven’t since what we are doing works well for us.

ok, thank you! I appreciate your help!

Personally, I would stick with just one. We have used Abeka for the past 6 years. My eldest struggled with Grammar so I started him a grade behind. He just started high school and is right where he should be. I think its a great program. Good luck!!

really! that’s great! Thank you!