End of the year traditions or fun ideas

With June fast approaching, we will officially be finishing up our school year (although we will continue to read and do math). Does anyone have any traditions they do at the end of the year? Any fun ideas? Do you have any surprises planned to celebrate?

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I have already told my daughter that we will go to either Incredible Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese (her choice) on the last day of school (K4). She chose Chuck E. Cheese. Right now, it looks like that will be June 4th.

We do monkey bread on the first and last days of school. Drizzled with yummy, cinnamon-caramel goodness!

We also do end-of-the-year evaluations where I find out from the kids’ perspective what went well and what didn’t, what they might like to see changed, and so on. VERY helpful in planning for the future.


@Merry Hi Merry!! Always nice to hear from you! I love the evaluation sheet! I’m definitely going to be incorporating that every year. Thank you for the link to that!

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We do end of year interviews too and compile the year’s learning into notebooks or portfolios.
Interview sheet and how we do our portfolios at https://alittleinspiration.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/organizing-schoolwork/
Then we have a showcase night where we show Dad everything the kids have learned and I give them certificates for their grade. We go eat frozen yogurt with all you can eat toppings afterwards.

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We make summer fun baskets for our boys. It has some outdoor toys, family games, a treat (candy bar, fun drink), any anything else we can think of that is small (Target $1 spot always has fun things). My husband takes them on a walk and I set it up for when they get back. They love it!


@myjoyx8 THATS AN AMAZING IDEA!!! I LOVE IT!!! I’m going to start that this year!!!

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The summer fun basket is a great idea!!

I want to get a trophy or something for my daughter for learning all of her Bible verses (Abeka K4). I always go to our church’s Christian school’s awards night, and the students get trophies and certificates for their accomplishments.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Noelle, will also make a visit on the last day of school. Today, out of the blue, my daughter wanted to write Noelle a letter. She sounded out her words (I can’t decipher but a small portion of it, but I love her initiative!), put the construction-paper letter in an envelope, and then I caught her trying to look for my stamps. I told her, “You can’t use regular stamps. They won’t go to the North Pole. You have to use a sticker that has snowflakes on it.” She didn’t even question it, just ran for her sticker stash to find her snowflake stickers.

I’m down to my last three lessons for the year. I’m really excited to be finished and am happy that we are successfully completing our first year of homeschooling. She has learned so much, and we’ve had so much fun!

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@MrsKinsey CONGRATS on finishing your year after the 3 lessons:)

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We don’t have any fun traditions that we do at the end of the year–but I love the idea of starting some. We don’t really have a “last day.” We just gradually finish our books, and so our schedule gradually becomes lighter and lighter over about a 6-week period. I have been trying to take the kids to some parks, which for us sort of marks the beginning of summer!

I have a friend that takes the last week of school every year for fun field trips that she wanted to do but just didn’t make time for during the year. Her DD loves it!

Here are our summer baskets. We have a helpful monkey (elf on the shelf), named Banana’s and he came with a note and is relaxing in our hammock with all of our summer things. We got rockets to shoot off, Backgammon, a bouncing ball scoring game, then each boy got a candy bar and fun blue drink, play dough men they could create, water balloons, books, legos and a cap gun. They loved it, and want to do everything today :smile:

We also go out for a treat, this year frozen yogurt.

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@myjoyx8 I bet you’re a FUN mom😋 this looks great!