Encouraging her future interests

My daughter is in 5th grade and we will be homeschooling next year. As of now I’m undecided on curriculum, but leaning toward ABEKA parent led or switched on schoolhouse. She has expressed lately that she really wants to be a pediatric nurse in the future. I think that’s great! Ironically I once did too, but didn’t pursue it as I became a young mother. My question is, what kind of elective classes can I do with her to keep that interest. Unit studies is something I would like to work in also, any good ideas for some that would relate to that profession? I know she has many years to make that decision, and it’s likely her mind will change, but I want to make homeschooling the best possible decision for her and FUN! Thanks!

Thar’s great she has a interest she wants to follow. I can’t think of and unit studies, but if she’ll be 12 next year, she could earn some money next summer baby siting. Learning how to take care of children would be a great skill to learn and she would find out of she does indeed like to work with children. You could sign her yo for a baby sitting class that most hospitals teach and what about a first aid class from the red cross?

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: she has a 5 month old baby brother so I know she loves children. She’s like his second mommy and he lights up when she walks in the room. The first aid class is a great idea!

@jgolden3 As a pediatric RN myself, I say GREAT! :slight_smile: Electives? Hmm…anatomy, health, first aid, nutrition. Perhaps she can also work as a mother’s helper over the summer to get some real life experience. (Mother’s helpers work with the children WHILE the mom is at home, so it is more supervised than what a babysitter would be).

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Thank you! More awesome ideas! Anyone know of any good unit studies in particular? I know their are tons, just love to know what other parents have done before.

@jgolden3 Is she involved in 4H and/or is that something you would consider? They have a lot of health-related areas where she could do projects.

How wonderful! I knew I wanted to be a science researcher by the time I was 12. I would suggest checking out the near-by University for summer science day camps. And check out project-based schooling. We have changed our focus based on our child’s interests: one takes horsemanship, one choir and voice, etc. We set up tables and buy supplies so each child can pursue their interests.
I do think BJU science is more rigorous and better for a STEM leaning child, at least for high school.

Oh! Also, see if any hospitals in the area allow minors to be candy stripers (not many do these days) or “cuddlers” in the NICU. You might need to accompany her, or wait until she is a bit older.

Sorry–one more thing! Both my older daughters took the CPR class for babysitting through the Red Cross when they turned twelve.

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