Encouragement for Homeschoolers

I was hoping there was a Category for Encouragement, and I would’ve only written on the title of this topic the name of the post I want to share on encouragement for homeschoolers. It is When You Feel Like Giving Up on Homeschooling by Sherry Hayes. :sunny:
If you have something or a post to share as well, please do!


Here is another post for you this morning, on the Benefits to a Relaxed Early Education by Dollie of Teacher of Good Things.

If you only read one, read this post by Daniel Forster of Doorposts, Four Ways to Teach Young Children to be Peacemakers.

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@GC123, thanks for sharing these links! I hadn’t visited those websites before. They have a lot of interesting articles. Thanks again! :wink:

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You are right, they do have wonderful articles. Especially Doorposts. Their family and what they do is a blessing to many, along with their products as well. Have a blessed day :sunny:

I like a little homeschool humor but at the end of my post I share a printable I have to remind me to keep trucking when homeschooling gets tough!

Homeschool Printables

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My mother was a kindergarten teacher and fourth grade english teacher. My mother in law was a fourth and fifth grade math teacher. They are both incredibly supportive of our decision to homeschool and my sister-in-law as well has decided to homeschool. It’s so wonderful to have support when I see so many people out there are dealing with contrarians. yay!

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There is a homemaking course by Jennifer Ross, from the Homemaking 101 and 201 DVDs. The dvds are a blessing to me and my family, and this new course is promising! Only a few more days to sign up.

I read this the other day, and thought I’d share it here! I love her blog and book.

How a Godly Mother May Guide an Imperfect Family

Here is another sweet letter Nadene (at Practical Pages) wrote about what she would’ve told herself when her family was in the beginning years of their homeschooling experiences, in regards to thinking of sending her children (back) to school.