Elementary Math


Hi! I’m torn between Singapore and Rightstart. Can you tell me why you prefer one over the other? Thank you!


I have just switched from Abeka to Singapore. I didn’t dislike Abeka Math, but I didn’t love it, either. I looked online at a number of websites talking about Singapore and Math-U-See as well as other math curricula (including RightStart). I was drawn to Math-U-See because of the manipulatives. My daughter is very hands-on and likes to fiddle with stuff. I was drawn to Singapore Math because of the results in higher standardized test scores. (I don’t care about that as much as my husband does.)

I also asked several people at a used book sale about their opinions. Most ladies were rather wishy-washy in their opinions and didn’t seem totally committed to anything in particular. I mostly wanted someone to tell me they loved their math curriculum (whether it was Singapore, Math-U-See, or something else). I finally talked to a lady who is a self-proclaimed math junkie and has an engineering background. She LOVES Singapore because it helps the student not only with math skills but also applying the math skills. She said that when she was a new college student, she lacked applied math skills or knowledge which hurt her somewhat in her engineering field (at first). Also, Singapore Math helps the student to learn to think mathematically. It’s too early to tell what field my daughter will go into, but I like that this should give her a very strong foundation in math should she go into some math- or science-related field.

My daughter is in second grade, and I put her in the 1B (USA edition) level. She likes the manipulatives (multi-link cubes especially) and I think she likes the workbook and textbook. So far, it’s going well. There’s nothing super new at this point, just a slightly way of teaching and thinking. Some parts are too easy, but it’s different enough that she’s not super bored.

I just asked her, and she says she loves it. Then she ran off, so I didn’t get an elaborate response from her.


I love both of these! I would recommend if possible to get your hands on used one and see what your child thinks. If not possible i totally understand! So, i purchased the Arithmetic kit so we could try out the abacus and this style. Rightstart is going to be better for a child who likes to use their hands. But! I really like it because it isn’t just manipulative. Ie. When they introduce numbers to a child they want you to show them the number, represent It on the abacus, and go find items around the house to show quantities. Its a combination between workbook and hands on.
Singapore is really wonderful and you can purchase some manipulative to assist you but it isn’t really apart of the Curriculum like others. It’s a workbook based curriculum. I do like the flow. It does less memorization of facts and more conceptual thinking. There are a lot of cute pictures (which can be distracting for some kids).
I do not think you can go wrong with either one! I always said I wish I started my son out on rightstart because he loves the abacus and the balance between hands on and workbook.