Early Reader--Curriculum Choices

Hello everyone! First time poster here! :slight_smile: I am just beginning my homeschool journey with my 5 year old daughter. She showed a very early interest in letters and phonics (right around age 2) and now, at 5, she is reading exceptionally well–I would guess she’s reading around a 2nd grade level. I am trying to decide on what curriculum to use for reading. I’ve thought about jumping into All About Reading Level 2…I have done the placement test with her and I think that is where she would fit. I have also looked into Explode the Code and I think it is something she would enjoy. Do I even need a set reading curriculum?? Could I just use ETC to make sure she has all the phonics rules and not have a set curriculum for reading and just check out lots of books from the library? Anyone else have an early reader? What worked for your child? Thanks in advance!

I have 2 early readers too! With my first I tried a reading curriculum (Abeka) but she really wasn’t interested in the books/stories they provided. I was worried it would discourage her from reading so I just had her pick out books from the library for kindergarten and first grade and we read together every day and I was able to cover vocabulary and help her decipher tough words using the concept of the reading clues like looking at the pictures, trying different view sounds, skipping the word and reading what’s around it and then revisiting the word and what would make sense. Also I did the books on cd, inferring, etc all the reading concepts that were in the regular curriculum but tailored it to what she was interested in. She LOVES to read now and sometimes will stay up all night just to finish a chapter book, I may have created a book monster haha! At 2nd grade I started a reading curriculum again “reading street” and it worked well and it’s pretty easy and cheap (bought used from Amazon). We still go to the library once/week for books that she reads on her own time for fun. Im doing all the above with my second child and she is turning into a strong reader also. She’s 5 and I’ll start reading steet at 2nd grade too.

We really liked StoryTime Treasures and More StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press (and all their lit!). We also liked Veritas Press First Favorites series.

As far as reading curriculum, if they are reading well, go to real books. My young readers loved the Mr. Putter books series especially.

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