Dyscalculia/ math curricula

MobyMax intrigues me. We have used Math U See and it was very helpful for a while but then we hit a wall. ShillerMath is too all-over-the-place and doesn’t follow any real sequencing to make me recommend it to anyone. So now we are looking at MobyMax (which is said to be free and online).

Has anyone used this and if so, what has your experience been?

I haven’t, but I’m wondering with Math-U-See if you tried calling the company and/or asking over on their yahoo email group about when you hit a wall with it? Since it was very helpful for awhile, maybe there is a way to make it work and get past that trouble spot. It’s not unusual for kids to hit a wall at certain times in various subjects, and if the curriculum was working otherwise, it may be worth revisiting.

Hope someone knows about MobyMax for you!

I did call them and actually spoke to Steve Demme at length about the situation. He’s a very kind, generous man. While the program worked for me, the division (Delta) is where we finally had to part ways, because of my daughter’s learning style. I will never say anything bad about the program or the customer service.

We are now more focused on functional math.

yes, he is pretty awesome. Sorry it didn’t work out!

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It’s ok. It isn’t the program’s fault. For many, many children, it is a lifesaver! It just stopped working for us. Thanks for your encouragement. :slight_smile: