Dyscalculia, ANY advice or help!

So we pulled out 3 kids out of public school after last for various reason. One being my oldest really struggles with math. We thought she was just being rushed and have taken this year to go back and recover topics but we are realizing (me and hubby both homeschool different days) she truly isn’t processing it right. She is a smart girl, great reader but she just can’t process or remember numbers. She has worked on memorizing her multiplication tables for going on 3 years and it sticks for awhile and then just won’t stay. She learns a concept but then can’t do it a few days later. It’s not laziness or stubbornness, she is a great kid and applies herself. We are truly at a loss as what to do. I started researching and came across dyscalculia. Like every description fits her. But I have no idea what to do from here. Has anyone ever dealt with this and have any advice or input? PLEASE!!! :pray:t3: Thanks!

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I’m not sure how high up in math the material goes, but I have read of a lot of people liking Ronit Bird’s math (http://www.ronitbird.com/) for dyscalculia. Most of what I have read on the topic encourages parents to let a child with dyscalculia use a multiplication table vs trying to memorize it. A neuropsychologist can do testing related to this and give you specific advice for your child if desired. I know of several others in a different learning challenges forum I am on that deal with this and you can message me if you want information about that forum. Hopefully someone else here will have more specific help.


I really like Math u see. It’s a multi sensory approach, which is needed for dyscalculia dyslexia and learning disorders which affect processing speed and memory. Lots of repetition and not moving on until they master the material. My child struggles with similar issues and I’ve had to realize that he learns at his own pace. Taking out of public school was the first step to teaching him the way he learns.


My now Junior has dyscalculia. It has been such a frustrating thing for her because she tries so hard and just can not remember math facts. (My other four excel at math…) A few things that helped so much:

  • She uses graph paper always for her math (it keeps the numbers in order and helps her see things more clearly

  • (http://www.multiplication.com/sites/default/files/files/ebooks/MemMinutesStdWrkBk.pdf) worked wonders for her memorizing the facts (stories relating to the facts)

  • I only had her do half the problems on a math assignment–too many became discouraging–sometimes only five each day.

  • I color coded multiplication and division steps so she could remember which to do first, second, etc.

I hope something will help! Blessings, donna


I would try math u see. graph paper is a great tool. I HIGHLY recommend Times Tales for multiplication. It is a DVD that has all numbers as characters and each have a story with the answer. It is so worth the $20. My kindergartener remembers the stories. It also has CD to run off worksheets.