Don't know how to fit it all in? Overwhelmed?

I received this in my email and I am sharing it here. I am excited about this one! :

Feeling overloaded and overwhelmed?
You aren’t alone. Thousands of homeschool parents feel the same way.

But you don’t have to! That’s why we’re bringing you the Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit this April 30-May 5, a free online event that will share practical wisdom to help you:
Decide what matters to your family using Christ-centered values,
Create a workable homeschool plan, and
Keep your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens.

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I just wrote this down! I’m so overwhelmed… Thank you for sharing!

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This one hits home with many of us, I think! Thanks for letting me know that you will be looking into it : )

Well, honestly… The first video is a wonderful encouragement to what is the real need we must focus on and what are our most important duties as parents, and even if I can’t watch any other video this week, I am glad that I have watched this one. What about you?

For anyone who has difficulty with keeping up the home and school, and would like to receive tips on how to really make it manageable, you might be interested in the video interview with Marcia Washburn. I really appreciate her experience and advice as a homeschool vet. I love to hear from older women who have been there and can give practical and real tips. Check it out, it’s on today’s sessions and I think it is available until sometime tomorrow (maybe in the morning) as a free video.

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Today you can still listen to the video interview with Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies and I highly recommend it!

I just wanted to add that there are two interviews still available. The Day 1 session “How to Bring your Children to God and Keep Them There” and the last session of the second day “Faith for Life.”

There are also free printables and audio downloads. Most videos have free resources.

@GC123, I loved Marcia’s interview, also. Thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome @Elizabeth!
I emailed her for the freebie, and it is worth it.

I was very encouraged by the few interviews I listened to. Praise be to God!

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