Does Teaching Textbooks skip a lot of skills?

I read so much about Teaching Textbooks being “behind” other math curricula. I don’t really care if it’s behind by a year…I can just make my daughter work ahead a year compared to what we’re doing know. What I need to know is does it skip typical concepts/skills in any given year? My daughter loves the idea of having 1 subject on the computer, and I love the independent-nature of TT, but I don’t want to use it at the expense of her not learning important math concepts.

If you don’t recommend TT is there another computer-based math curriculum you do recommend?

Thank you!!

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I’m interested to see what others have to say also. We are planning on buying TT for our daughter. She’ll be in 4th grade this fall.

We have been using tt for the last few years. My boys all use 1year ahead of what grade they are actually in… My 6th grader uses math 7, my 5th grader uses math 6 and so-on. TT is a great curriculum that uses real life situations in the lessons, which I love! The only issue is that it doesn’t have much review from past lessons, so I just supplement here and there. My 6th grader requested to change to a notebook based math for next year cause he doesn’t like to be looking at a screen all the time. I had him take the Saxon placement test and I was absolutely amazed on how well he did! He tested beyond grade level! So, with that being said, I think TT would be fine :slight_smile: at least this is my experience with it. Now, the Saxon math has a cd-rom for the lecture that he (and me!) will be able to go to when he needs help. I’m pretty excited for next year already and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us! Hope this was helpful!

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We have been using Teaching Textbooks for Pre-Algebra (6th grader) and Algebra (7th grader). I have looked at many curriculums out there and I don’t think that there is a “perfect” program. You will get pros/cons for everything out there, but in the end you just need to choose what will work best for you student.

I used Singapore elementary math for my oldest who was a year a head in math at the time we started and have been using Right Start math for the rest of the kids. Both of my older kids transitioned easily into the higher levels of TT and have not had any issues. I don’t find that TT skips concepts at all. From what I remember of these subjects, they are progressing well and are still well above grade level for their math skills. I do like the independence of TT so that I can focus on the more teacher intensive maths for my younger two kids. My kids like it because they can just do their math without waiting for me.

I hope that this helps. Also, I do know a number of families that have switched from Saxon and Math U See to TT with great success and happy kids. :slight_smile: