Does anyone use books bought from stores? Like sams club or staples? For their curriculum?

Does anyone buy their curriculum books from stores?? Such as SAMs club or staples?? Really any store.

I have been using books that come from stores for our curriculum. I like the big books from SAMs club. And my children love them. Seems to have a bit of everything in them. Then I use printables from online, teachers pay teacher, and other free sites. My kids LOVE it cut and paste so I print those as well. This has worked really well for us this year.

We use various workbooks to supplement. I just purchased 3rd and Kindy big giant books from Sam’s this past weekend to use next year! They look AWESOME and I look forward to using them. I won’t use them as a standalone, but will use them as a supplement to break up the monotony.

Does Sam’s club have books for older children?

I think they may have the big workbooks up to 5th or 6th grade.

We do NOT use those books for curriculum, BUT, I love them for long car rides. The books are fun for the kids and it reinforces skills that we have worked on during the year. Sometimes I have the kids work on them during the summer - not in scheduled times, but I just leave them on the dining room table with some crayons and pencils and they pick them up from time to time during meals.

Our portfolio reviewer likes them as supplemental work, but if that is all we used, she would not consider it a curriculum and would put us under the “remediation” category. She also says that Time4Learning falls under the same “supplemental work” category. Thus, we haven’t used those sorts of workbooks. Having said that, you should do what works for your children. :slight_smile:

I use a couple of those books for kindergarten.

For my oldest two (2nd and 3rd grade), we started the year using Shurley English, and we all hated it. I struggled for a few weeks to find another curriculum (with the guilt of having wasted so much money already). I decided just to get a Spectrum book for each of them, and supplement my own work. That has been working great for us; although I will definitely find a different Language Arts curriculum for next year.