Does AAR, AAS, and Math U See ever have a sale?

I would LOVE to buy these three sets of curriculum. Do they ever have sales or free shipping???

I am not sure about sales but i have been able to find them used on ebay for cheaper.

Thanks!! I will check eBay!!

I just purchased Math U see manipulatives at my local homeschool resale store for $20. From what I’ve seen on eBay the curriculum sold is dated.


You can purchase AAR and AAS from Mardel. They run specials and offer 20-40% off coupons on special holidays. Sign up for their emails, and you’ll be notified. I’ve purchased AAR for 40% off in the past from them!


Thanks for that tip! I’m going to check out the website and sign up for emails! I need to buy AAR and AAS for next year:)

I have watched for sales on the MUS teacher’s books and DVDs as well as traded “years” with other moms to use. Then you only have to purchase the manipulatives and the student books. And like another mom said, you can find the manipulatives at resale shops and on ebay from time to time. If you attend homeschool curriculums you can find the books and manipulative blocks there as well.

I believe they offer free shipping at conferences. Not much of a savings, but every little bit helps!

MUS doesn’t usually have sales, but at a curriculum fair you get free shipping. MUS also has a yahoo group for resale stuff. =)

Thanks for this post, these are on my list for my first year next year!

To the mommas using Math U See, did yall find the DVD essential? Do you think teaching just from the IG is doable?

We used MUS for Primer & Alpha - and we all just watched the DVD. I hardly ever touched the IG - but they are basically the same in those levels.

We aren’t currently offering any discounts, but we do have free shipping at conventions that we are attending (see where we are going here) and for military families.

We really do use the videos. But I have 3 kiddos, so often they are watching while I am helping another child. For the most part they seem to like them.

Thank you for this I am looking for AAR and was afraid of the price I will now sign up for the Mardel emails.

AAR & AAS does do sales. I bought all the levels I didn’t already have during a sale last year. I can’t remember when it was though. :slight_smile:

definitely essential!

For you moms that have the a recent year of the Math U See DVD will you tell me the publish date. I orders my IG off eBay and it didn’t come with the DVD.

I purchased my last set directly from MUS last May. It says copyright 2012. It also has the Demme Learning Logo on the books and the DVD. I think that is new this year because it isn’t on my older copies.