Do you write in TE?

Does anyone write or highlight the teacher editions they are using? I only have 1 child to homeschool and thus far I have never done that! I’m always thinking about keeping it clean for the next person to use it:) it would make it far easier on me to mark the TE, but I just can’t bring myself to do it!
If you don’t mark them, do you use post its? Just take notes? Thanks!!

I have been thinking the same thing! Our sonlight box just came in the mail and I’ve been looking over everything. I can never bring myself to write in books of any kind, though it seems like I’ll give myself alot more work to do if I decide to not write in the manuals.


I don’t write in TEs… I use lots of these things…

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@triton17 I wish I knew how to post pics here so you can see my Primary Phonics TE;) FULL of post its!

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@NicoleB We used Sonlight in Kinder, and given the price, I was way to scared to write in the IG! I just don’t want to hurt resell value:/ As homeschoolers, many of us are a single income family, so resell is important:) Plus, somehow it just SEEMS wrong to write in a book :slight_smile:
But it does take more time to use an alternative method…hmmmm…

@Luvmyboys, I also try to keep the Teacher Editions/Manuals as clean as possible. I’m too lazy to take notes :smile:. I simply use a pencil to underline or circle what I want to highlight. It will be easy to erase before reselling. And yes, I also use post its. I love all kind and sizes of sticky notes.

@Elizabeth It’s crazy! I wish I had the guts to highlight and write in the TE😜 using pencil is a great alternative though!

I never write in the TE. You will eventually need to resell your materials and I can say from experience that items sell at a much higher price when they are not written in. As a one income family, I depend on reselling my curriculum each year so that I have money to buy for the next year.

Regarding the Sonlight Instructor’s Guide, I like to check off when I complete each assignment. I copy only the schedule page of each week (36 copies total). I copy it on colored paper and put each colored page in front of the original for the week. That is the only page that I write on. It also provides me with documentation of what we did each year. (Not that I even need it in my state but it is nice to have it).


@kathleennj I LOVE the idea of copying on colored paper!

I think I might do that too!

Most of the time, I either use pencil or sticky tabs or flags. I make my own “schedule page” so that I can write all over that. That seems to relieve my urge to write in Teacher Guides that I’ll want to try to sell!

I have been writing in them for the past 4 years and finally realized this year that I wanted to sell them when I was done. So I stopped halfway through this year :wink: Since we now add a bunch of different books it is easier all around to use a planner, so that keeps me from writing in the TE. I think it’s probably best not to get in the habit of writing in them unless you know you will not be re-using or re-selling.

I guess I may be the only one who does, but yes, I write in all of my Teacher Guides :open_mouth: I have three children ranging in ages from 8 down to 2, so I am going to be keeping these things for quite some time (i.e. I am not able to sell them this year to make money for next year–I have to hold on to them to use six years from now for the youngest). I depend heavily on my notes in the guides and I know I will rely on those notes again when I use them with the next two children. I know this means I may not be able to resell them when the last child has completed using the curriculum, but at that point, I won’t be buying again for another child, so I guess that’s just the way it will be for us. I do write in pencil, but I also highlight as well. Personally, I paid a lot of money for these materials, and I would rather they be usable for me, even if that means they may not be as usable for someone else when I am ready to sell them in six or seven years.


@Forchristandkids That’s EXACTLEY why I posted this question!!! I’m soooooo afraid to write in them, BUT, I paid a hefty price for them! I need to do whatever I can to make planning easier for me:)
Thank you so much for your comment!!


You know, that is such a great point and I actually felt a little relieved reading your comment. You’re right. I will be keeping this curriculum to use again in 5 years anyway. Definitely something to think about!


I totally agree with you @Forchristandkids Curriculum is expensive and I don’t like feeling like I need a babysitter for it when I’m not around. I buy both new and used sometimes I just simply spend the extra for new because I can’t find used at a reasonable price and used typically doesn’t offer returns. I do take care of my material (incase I sell it) but I also work full time so my material MUST work for me too!


@bezona I think you have said something of great importance, the materials MUST work for you! That’s such an important aspect of using TE, any curriculum. Making it work for us:) so if highlighting or writing in them help US, then so be it! Thank you for your comment:)


I write all over it IN INK; notes about what I want to emphasize, how I want to group the material, numbering lessons, anything else that I think I am going to need to remember later in the year about that particular part.
Teachers Editions are, at least in my mind, a useful reference and guide.
If you can’t mark in ink, use pencil, but make that book work for you, don’t worry about the next person.



@htfhilltopfarm THAT IS THE BEST! You made me laugh;) But you’re right, make the TE work for ME and DONT worry about the next person;)

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