Do You Notebook?

Have you tried Notebooking?

What subjects do you do it with? Do you use pre-made pages, an actual notebook or some other form? What ages does it work well with?

Any advice, tips or tricks for someone just staring to Notebook with their kids?

We do notebooking during the summer, so it’s pretty informal. I have each kid pick a topic, they usually get a book about it from the library then draw pictures and write a sentence or two. We also will take a “notebooking” break when out and about to draw something interesting we see or write about something we are doing.
At first they needed specific things to write, by the end of the summer I just had to tell them “notebook time” and they went to it.

Check out
They have a section of printables under “lap book” that is AMAZING! More templates then you could ever use in a year! And it’s free!


I use Notebooking Pages
There are so many resources on there. There are pre-made pages that you can just copy or you can make your own pages to suit what you need it for. I highly recommend this.

Notebooking Pages

We are giving notebooking a try with our gardening unit starting next week. It is a three week unit that will informally continue as we transplant the plants we started inside and care for our garden outside. I will use a combination of pre-made pages and just letting the kids draw pictures and write a sentence or two. It will depend on the specific lesson. For the pre-made pages I used pinterest to find them and just pinned the ones that I felt suited my kids best.
It is mostly a science unit but other subjects will be involved as well. I have a preschooler, first grader and second grader doing this. I’m not sure how it will go.

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We use Notebooking with 3 of our subjects: Science (Elemental Science: Biology for the Grammar Stages), History (TruthQuest), and Bible (Bible Road Trip). That’s as much as we can keep up with as far as Notebooking goes :slight_smile: But I find it to be really useful and my children enjoy it and learn well from this technique!

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I have so much to learn. What is notebooking? Is it similar to journal writing or lapbooks?

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