Did you use All About Reading Pre-Reading?

I’m Krystal, home schooling Mum of 4 kiddies in New Zealand - newbie to the COAH community.
I’m looking at purchasing AAR for my kids & trying to decide whether it’s worth the cost to get the Pre-Reading for my 4 year old son, or could he go straight onto AAR Level 1 following LOTW?

I am using the pre reading level of all about reading with my four year old, and level 2 with my 6 year old. I would think it’d be a good fit to start level 1 after doing letter of the week. I think the pre reading level would be repetitive after doing letter of the week.

I think you could just go into Level 1. My son (5) is using Level 1 this year after using Abeka preschool curriculum in a private Christian preschool last year and is doing well. I think the Pre level would be too repetitive.

By the way, we are LOVING All About Reading! Hope you do too!

Does your son understand rhyming yet? I started AAR pre-reading with my 4yo, but quickly found that he was beyond it. If your son can recognize all the letters by name and knows how to rhyme, then I would go ahead and start level one.

I’m using the pre reading level with my 5 yo this year and It’s been really good for him. He knew his letters when he was 3 so we just do the activities for the lessons. it’s been a great foundation to start on

I bought level 1 for my 5 year old (he went to public pre k last year) and quickly realized he wasn’t ready. He didn’t recognize a lot of the letters or remember all the sounds. Went back and bought pre reading and it has been a much better fit. We are 2/3 way through the book and I’m glad we went back to review, he is doing much better and gaining confidence :slight_smile:

The AAR Pre-reading Level is going to be a virtual repeat of my LOTW program, so if you want to move into AAR after LOTW, I would recommend starting with Level 1 :smile:
Hope that helps! Erica

Use the AAR 1 placement test after you complete LOTW and make sure that your child is doing well in all of the areas (especially phonological awareness skills). That’s the best way to decide whether a student is ready for AAR 1. HTH!

Awesome thank you everyone :grinning:

Would AAR Level 1 be duplicative to your K4 curriculum? Or do you think it would be a good add-on?

The AAR Pre-Reading level is basically overlap of my LOTW prek program. Level 1 would be fine to start with if you’ve completed my LOTW. If you do my K4/5 curriculum also, then I would probably start with AAR L2 after that.