Curriculum for 6th Grade

I’d love to hear about what curriculum you used for 6th grade in math and language arts. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like. I have a child who struggles with word problems in math, so I’m especially interested in how the curriculum does with that. This will be our first year homeschooling (I already homeschool a younger son). My soon to be 6th grader likes a lot of structure and I’m going to need something where he can work independantly at least part of the time. Thanks!

My oldest is in 4th grade but I love what we have been using and will continue with it and I thought I could share it with you. For English we use Climbing to Good English by Schoolaid, sold at For Reading/Comprehension and Vocabulary we use Pathway, also sold by the same people. For Spelling, Rod & Staff, and for Penmanship Pentime Penmanship, both sold by milestonebooks too. I use the math and language arts charts for the appropriate grade levels that they sell as well, this is very helpful to have at the desk.
For Arithmetic I use Practical Arithmetics by Strayer-Upton and Miquon Math, primarily.
My 4th grader works at these and can do them very independently when needed. I like how they all tie in well together also. She enjoys them too! I hope you find what you’re looking for! I found out about most of the curriculum I use by reading the reviews on rainbow resource catalogs! If you don’t have one, order a free copy online. I was able to make decisions on choosing the best fit for us and learn about different products available. It’s a resource in itself. :wink:

We’re using MUS for math, and BJU English for our English/Grammar. I like that MUS has video tutorials which frees me up from teaching lessons. I just have to help though out the week.

I teach BJU English lessons as well, but I like how they’re formatted, and the lessons are fairly easy to follow along with. If I need to, I can skip a teaching lesson and they can read the instructions from the worksheet itself as well. I try not to do that too much, but it’s an option on busy days. :smile:


My girls also have a hard time with word problems so I bought a grade level word problem workbook from Kumon. I sprinkle a page in randomly with our MUS curriculum.

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