Creating your own lapbooks

I am trying to create my own lapbooks for some of the stories my boys are reading this year. Does anyone know how to create or where to get the black and white clip art pictures, similar to the ones that Erica uses on her lapbooks? I have looked around on the Internet, but most are not free or they are too modern. Thanks!

When I used to do lapbooks and make them for my kids I always went to
first. They have a ton of lapbooks and they are free. They also have how to info and where to find free clip art as well. Hope that helps, K has a lot of free lap books as well, so you might want to see if they have something for your specific books before you go through the trouble of creating your own.

I have a post on how to make your own printables here:

Just remember there are a lot of restrictions on using clip art if you plan to put it out on the internet. Most of mine is either hand drawn, or purchased via a paid subscription so I can use it in my for sale products. If you’re using it just for your own personal use, you can probably use any freebies online you can find. Just don’t re-post it on your website or blog or you can get in trouble for copyright violation.

Hope that helps!

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