Crash Course Youtube Videos

Hello everyone! A few minutes ago I remembered the Crash Course Videos I heard about and have watched in College a few years ago. I wanted to share their playlist with you in hopes they might be of some use for some added information in a bit of a fun way.

More people make the videos now I’ve noticed as the channel grew but I remember mostly Hank Green and his brother John’s videos to help me when I had my Biology, Microbiology and Anatomy classes. They cover crash courses on Biology, Anatomy, Astronomy, History, Psychology, Economics, Government, Literature and so much more. They are funny and are good for visuals and engaging those that are watching.

If you’ve heard of them or use their videos at all let us know what you think (:

I have watched them before, they are from a secular viewpoint though, so just watch with that in mind. Id preview them before my kids watched them.