Craft book search

I am looking for a book of craft ideas for my kids, 5-7 year old range. I mostly have been going on Pinterest to find ideas that go with what we are learning, but my son has really been enjoying getting craft books from the library lately. They don’t have any though with simple crafts he can do, they are more for ten year olds or bigger. I wanted to find him some books his own level. I like the Williamson Little Hands books but was hoping to find one that was all about using popsicle sticks since he loves using them. Does anyone know of a craft book like that, or any other favorite craft books you can recommend? Thanks!!!

Good morning! Here’s a book you might like:
Creative Crafts of the World: 15 lesson Plans for Teaching Folk Art to Groups of Kids – Home Schoolers, Scouts, Birthday Parties, Grandmas and More
A few of the crafts may be a bit beyond him (depending on how crafty he is personally), but those he will grow into :-).
I wrote this book after 18 years of teaching at my local home school co-op. Lots of classroom experience to support the teaching you find in the book!

The Good and the Beautiful has a craft book that’s pretty awesome.