Combining History and Science (and maybe Math too)

I asked before here about resources that combined history and science. Now, I wanted to share my integrated history/science plan. I’d also love ideas for adding in some math (would love to find some math problems related to history/geography) or any other ideas for science/history combining activities you’ld like to share.

This year for homeschool we are doing a unit on Vikings (just cause my
kids are interested in that) and then doing Ancient history through the
Roman Empire.

I’m also trying to cover the 6th grade Science TEKS for my 6th grader
who will be attending public school in 7th grade. I also have a 2nd
grader who I will include as much as possible in this.

Here’s the science topics I need to cover this year …

MATTER (Elements and compounds, periodic table, metals/nonmetals/metalloids, density)



ROCK CYCLE (metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary rock)


BIOLOGY (Cells, Taxonomic classifications, Organisms and their Environments)

SPACE (organization of our solar system, the role of gravity, and space exploration)

I’m thinking I can cover a lot of “force and motion” with the Vikings
(looking at the science of Viking ship design, weapons and how they were
used, etc).

Ecosystems and Organisms and their Environments I think I can handle gradually throughout the year by looking at the different flora and fauna in the different civilizations
we studies…and comparing them and looking into why different animals
are suited to different places.

I found a GREAT multi-part unit study on the Science of Egypt, and it
had a lot that relates to elements and compounds, metals, etc.) So I
think I’ll cover that when we’re doing Egypt. We’ll also review things like inclined plane and levers and such then.

I’m going to review the planets when covering the Greek Gods.

I’m thinking that while Rome would be a great time to also study Layers of the Earth and Rock Cycle, because…Pompeii.

I can’t really think of a way to relate the study of cells and taxonomy
with history…would love ideas. Of course, I don’t have to relate
EVERYTHING we learn in Science to history.

I haven’t really thought about Math ideas yet…I just got the materials
I’ll be using for math and haven’t been able to look over them yet.

Any more ideas, especially project or experiment ideas, for combining history
and math or science? Know of any good books that might be helpful,
or youtube videos or anything like that?

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I found this link on Pinterest to help teach the Periodic Table. A mom created a Periodic Table Battleship game for her kids. I love the idea and plan on using it!

Hope this helps!