COAH products ever on sale?



I was wondering if anyone knows if COAH products ever go on sale? I am thinking of buying a few sets and was hoping to save a little.

Also, I won’t ask about every set that I’m looking at, but can anyone give me a rough estimate of their printing costs for Road Trip USA? I need to print two and hoping it’s not terrible. (yes, I know there are lots of different printers…if you’d like to include where you got it printed, that would be awesome!) :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much!


Erica could answer this better, but YES, her products do go on sale from time to time. :slight_smile:


Thanks! If there is a time of year that anyone knows about --ie “spring sale” etc. please let me know!


She has a good 40% off towards the end of May and 30% off on Cyber Monday. This is based on last years sales. She usually has a yearly sale.


Hi! I usually do a big sale in May when people are gathering curriculum for the year, so keep an eye out for that! I also do something in December or possibly giveaways for Christmas. So those are the two times of the year to look for discounts on my products :slight_smile: I also send out random subscriber only discount coupons for my Newsletter subscribers, so you may want to sign up to get that as well!