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COAH curriculum in a private Pre-K

Has anyone used (can we?) the LOTW or K4 curriculum in a classroom setting? I’m in a very small private school (preschool and elementary, but I’m in K4) and we are looking for a new curriculum. This one looks fabulous and just what the other K4 teacher and I are looking for! I already have the LOTW curriculum that I used with my daughter (from 2012, is there an update??) and were looking at using that and the K4 curriculum. Is this allowed and has anyone done this or are doing it?
Thanks so much!

Hi! Yes you can use both LOTW and K4/5 in a classroom setting. If you plan to do that you’ll need to purchase the classroom versions of the curriculum to use with your class.

Both have been updated significantly since 2012, so you may want to get the new one, but if you were wanting to just use what you’ve already printed from your version you can send me an email and I can send over an invoice to upgrade to the classroom license.